123 HP ENVY 7155 Unboxing and Setup

  • Use the setup guidelines in this section, customize your printer easily, and start working with the 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 printer. No need to look for some other guidelines as you have an entire guideline package with you.
  • Generally, the printer and its hardware are packed well when they arrived at your doorstep. Unwrap the plastic tapes and packing present around the printer.
  • Initialize the printer by connecting the power cord to the printer’s rear end and the AC input power supply. Once it is done, you can set the preference by directing to the printer’s control panel.
  • Ink cartridge installation is to be done properly, if you want to get best printer results. Check if the cartridges are properly placed in the provided slots.
  • Check the documentation to know the accepted paper size, and feed them in the loading tray of the 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 printer. Do not overload the tray to avoid page ordering issues. Subsequently, install the driver software.
HP ENVY 7155 unboxing setup

Latest 123 HP ENVY 7155 Driver and Manual Download

123 HP Setup 7155 User Guide

  • A user guide is a set of key instructions that helps the buyers to know about the product and value their money. It has a simple set of instructions that help you set the 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 printer on your own.
  • Search for the instructions appropriate to the operating system of your computer and use it to initialize the printer. Get lively assistance from our support team to know more about your printer.

HP ENVY 7155 manual download

123 HP Setup 7155 Windows

  • The latest version of the 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 printer driver and software should be used to get the good results from your printer. This can be fulfilled by navigating from our website 123-HP-com.com.
  • Key in the model number ENVY 7155, follow the prompts, and avail the best 123 HP ENVY printer driver. The detailed assistance is also provided by our expert professional’s assistance.

123 HP Setup 7155 Mac

  • You need not wander for the suitable driver for your Mac computer as you have already reached the correct destination. The 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 driver for all the models is available where you have to find the one which suits you.
  • For this, you have to index in the printer model number in the required field and follow the prompts. To get the driver downloaded on your computer, get our professionals.

123 HP ENVY 7155 Driver Installation

123 HP Setup 7155 Windows

  • The 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 driver installation for Windows can be achieved by either of the two methods- using an installation CD, downloading from our website.
  • The installation CD is available for all the printer models as the manufacturer provides it while shipping the printer package. Use it to install the driver on your computer. Check if any scratches are present, place it in the drive, run, and get it installed on your computer. As you are installing it on the Windows computer, the file format will be in .exe.
  • You can also download and install it on the computer by clicking on the link provided. By doing this, you will be directed to our website 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 where you can get the suitable driver.
  • The version of the driver should be checked before you start to install it on the computer. If you have any queries, give us a call on the toll- free number.

123 HP Setup 7155 Mac

  • The 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 driver and software installation for Mac also resembles the same except the file format. The setup file for Mac will be in .dmg format.
  • Place an installation CD which you get from the manufacturer in the drive. Close the drive, run a setup file, and save it to the desired location.
  • Follow the prompts to accomplish the installation step. If any error message is displayed, the file has crashed. So you have to re- install it.
  • If you opt to get the ENVY 7155 driver and software from our website 123-HP-com.com, key in your printer number, and stay calm until it appears on the screen.
  • Affirm that it suits your computer’s operating system version and install it to the desired location on your computer. Get connected to our professionals for more assistance.

123 HP ENVY 7155 Wireless Setup

123 HP Setup 7155 Windows

  • Install the correct 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 printer driver on your windows computer, choose the connection type as Wireless, and proceed with the below steps to accomplish the wireless connection. Get your SSID and password from the ISP and make a not, so that it can be entered when prompted. Affirm that the printer, wireless router, and the printer are kept on and are nearer to each other.
  • Once the signal is established, go to the website and key in the printer name and model number to which you are looking the driver for and then follow the prompts.
  • Click on Begin, tap on the Download option. Choose Open, Save, or run to launch the driver installation. You will receive the required prompts to complete the wireless setup procedure. You can also opt for Wi- Fi Direct or Wireless Protected Setup to initiate and establish the Wireless connection. Get connected to the 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 tech support team to know more about the wireless connection method.

123 HP Setup 7155 Mac

  • The wireless network connection can be initiated and maintained easily provided you follow the instructions provided in this section of the document.
  • The network name and password should be known so that it can be keyed in when prompted by the installer.
  • Pay attention while entering the password as they are case- sensitive.
  • After you power up the printer, the computer, and the wireless router, all the three devices should be placed closer to each other.
  • Check if all the devices are located within the network coverage area.
  • By using the 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 Wireless Setup Wizard you can initiate the wireless connection on your computer & the printer. On the printer’s control panel check if the wireless icon is enabled. Search on our website and get the appropriate printer driver for your printer, get it installed, and start printing the required documents.

HP Printer Provide Solution for ENVY Photo 7155?

123 HP ENVY 7155 How to Print Photos (Windows)

  • The good print quality of photos can be obtained by using the correct paper type and the job settings. Follow the guidelines in this section.
  • Load paper in the tray based on the compatible paper type. Make sure it is not overloaded in order to avoid page ordering issues. Place the short edge of the photo paper in the tray. If the paper you are using has a perforated tab, place it in a way that the tab faces up or toward you.
  • Before you start printing the photos, alter the settings like contrast, brightness, and more. Once it is all set, click on File-> Print.
  • Access more options by clicking on the Show details option.
  • Choose your 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 printer from the Printer menu, set the Orientation option, click on print settings menu present at the center of the window, set Paper type and Quality. Finally, click on Print.

123 HP ENVY 7155 How to Scan (Windows)

  • Customize your 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 printer to act as a scanner using the instructions provided below.
  • Place the original on the scanner glass or in the ADF tray, follow the prompt, and start scanning.
  • Choose your printer name HP ENVY 7155 and access the HP Printer Assistant.
  • Tap on Scan a Document or Photo and access the HP Scan option.
  • Set a shortcut that suits the file type and resulting action you want, modify the settings.
  • If all the necessary settings are modified, you can click on Scan.
  • For more information on 123 HP ENVY Printer Installation and 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 troubleshooting, you can reach our technical experts on the Toll-free number.

123 HP ENVY 7155 How to Print on Both Sides of the Paper (Windows)

  • Customize the duplex printing in the document settings. Avoid the page ordering issues by feeding enough number of paper in the tray.
  • Choose a document, click File, and then go on with the Print option.
  • Choose the Paper Handling option and then click on the Odd Only option from the Pages to Print menu.
  • Tap Print. Once the first side of the page is printed, take out the printout, and place another side of the paper.
  • Trail the 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 instructions based on the printer type and accomplish the double sided printing.

123 HP ENVY 7155 How to Check Ink or Toner Levels

  • To avoid the ink cartridge issues in later times, estimate the ink or toner level before installing.
  • Many printer software are available for Mac and Windows computer to estimate the ink level.
  • Search for the appropriate applications to check the ink levels. HP Print and Scan Doctor is only for Windows user.
  • Both the Windows and Mac users can get an app called HP Smart to estimate the ink level easily.
  • Check with our professionals for more 123.HP.com/ENVY7155 details.