HP Instant Ink- Everything You Should Know

How To Get Started With HP Instant Ink?

Well, you’re two simple steps away from starting your own HP Instant Ink Subscription service. First, check to ensure that your HP printer is eligible for HP Instant Ink. (Almost all the latest wireless-enabled HP printers are eligible for HP Instant Ink).

Next, go to the HP Instant Ink Enroll page and start your service.

Can I Use The HP Instant Ink Service Without A Valid Subscription?

Definitely Not. You must have a valid HP Instant Ink subscription to use the service. The subscription plan starts from $0.99/month. Activating the HP Instant Ink subscription is quite simple. Also, the best part is that you can change or cancel the subscription at any time you want.

How To Choose My HP Instant Ink Plan?

The HP Instant Ink subscription comes in five different plans. Starting from $0.99 for 10 pages/month to maximum $24.99 for 700 pages/month.

  • $3.99 for 50 pages/month
  • $5.99 for 100 pages/month
  • $11.99 for 300 pages/month

Can I Cancel My HP Instant Ink Subscription?

Yes, you can. Visit your HP Instant Ink account page from a browser. Go to the Status area. Check if your printer is selected correctly. If not, choose your HP printer from the drop-down menu provided at the top-right corner of the screen.

After that, go to the My Account tab. Click on the Account Settings option.

Choose the Cancel my HP Instant Ink Subscription option. Cancel your HP Instant Ink subscription service by following the on-screen prompts.It is that simple, right?

After cancelling the subscription, install the standard HP ink cartridges on your printer to continue printing.

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