Quick Steps To Connect The HP Officejet 6962 To Computer

Connect The Printer To Computer

  • Press the Power button on the HP Officejet 6962 printer to turn it on.
  • Load the installation CD into the CD drive of your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the driver installation.
  • When the connection type screen appears, click Use USB Cable Method.
  • Unpack the USB cable that is given in the package to start the connection.
  • Connect one terminal of the USB wire into the printer’s port.
  • Fix the other terminal of it into the computer’s USB port.
  • Click your printer’s name when it displays on the screen.
  • Remember that you should not connect the USB cable unless asked to do so.
  • Select the Finish button after completing the installation.

Guidelines To Connect The HP Officejet 6962 To Computer

  • To start the process of how to connect HP Officejet 6962 to computer, first, complete the printer hardware setup. Use the installation CD given in the printer’s package to install the printer driver. You can also get the driver from the manufacturer’s site. Once the files download, proceed to install it on your computer.
  • During the driver installation process, the installer will ask you to choose a connection type. If you want to connect the printer via USB cable, select the USB connection type from the list of methods displayed. When prompted, connect the USB cable, fix it between the printer and computer.
  • Do not connect the USB cable until it is suggested on the screen. After successful connection, your printer’s name will be displayed on the screen. Select it and add the printer to the Printers list. If you have chosen the Ethernet cable connection, get a cable that has eight wire leads.
  • Connect the computer to the router’s network. Turn on the HP Officejet 6962 printer and remove the protective plug from the Ethernet port. Fix the Ethernet cable into the printer’s port. Plug the other terminal of the cable into the computer for the process of how to connect HP Officejet 6962 to computer.
  • After successful connection, your printer’s name will be displayed on the screen. If you want to do a wireless setup, place the printer close to the router. Tap the Wireless icon on the printer’s operation panel and open the Network Settings menu.
  • Touch Wireless Setup Wizard, and your printer starts to search for the active networks. After some time, it will display the list of available networks. From the list, select your Wi-Fi network SSID. Fill in the password if asked for. Tap Connect.
  • If you have selected the WPS method, open Network Settings and tap Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Select the Push button option and tap Start. Within two minutes, push the WPS button on your router for five seconds. If your printer is connected to the network, the blue light on the printer’s control panel stops flashing.
  • If the connection fails, retry the process. To access the printer from your Android phone, use the USB OTG cable. To start the process, take a USB On-The-Go cable and connect it to the USB port to the rear of the printer. Fix the other end into the Android device.
  • On your Android device, the HP Print Service Plugin will appear on the screen. Touch OK to enable it. Now you can print from your device.
  • After you connect the printer and computer, try to perform a test print. Open a document or image on your computer and click Print. You can also find more information regarding how to connect HP Officejet 6962 to computer from our technical experts.