• Check if the devices like computer and the printer are turned on.
  • Get the USB cable but do not connect it before you download the driver.
  • Disconnect the printer USB cable if it is connected to the computer, and remove all the HP printer entries under Devices and Printers on your computer.
  • Close the window and install the revised version of the printer driver by using the link on our page.
  • Select the exact version of the computer OS to check the compatibility.
  • Always prefer to download the full feature driver to get the entire functions of printers.
  • Select the USB option for the connection type on the computer if you are using the USB cable.
  • Type the printer’s IP address on the Wireless Setup Wizard if you are using the wireless router.
  • Follow the installation steps that display on the screen to connect the printer to the computer.
  • Take a test page print on your printer to confirm the connection status.


  • Check whether the HP printer is turned on and unplug any USB cable.
  • Confirm if the computer has an internet connection using the router.
  • Locate the Driver Download link on this page and click it to download the driver.
  • Choose the name of your printer model from the shown list on the computer screen.
  • Click Download that is found next to HP Easy Start or full feature driver.
  • Pick the connection type you use on the prompt screen of the computer.
  • Click on the printer name you use and select Print Using to add it to the printer queue.
  • Click the Add option and finish the printer setup process depending on the on-screen how to connect to HP Deskjet 2541 instructions.
how to connect to hp deskjet 2541