Step 1: Connecting the printer to a wireless network

Use the WPS Push or PIN method to connect the printer to a wireless network.

Using the PUSH Button Configuration method

  • Turn on your HP Deskjet 3760 printer and the wireless router that you’re using.
  • Now, enable the WPS Push mode on your printer by pressing and holding the Wireless button for three seconds.
  • As soon as the Wi-Fi light starts to flash, release the button and press the WPS button on your router.

Using the PIN method 

  • Print your printer’s network configuration page by holding down its Wireless and Information buttons at the same time.
  • After your printer prints the page, enable the Wi-Fi setup mode on it. To do so, hold down the Wi-Fi button for a few seconds or until the wireless light starts to blink.
  • Now, go to your network’s Web Access Page and enter the printer’s WPS PIN in the corresponding field and save it. Keep reading to know how to connect HP Deskjet 3760.

Step 2: Connecting your printer to the computer or smartphone

For smartphone

  • Connect your smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, or Chromebook) to the same wireless network to which the printer is connected.
  • Now, install the HP Print Service Plugin or the HP Print for Chrome app, or use the AirPrint feature on your smartphone and perform the setup process by following the on-screen instructions.

For computer

  • You need to connect your computer to the same wireless network (as your printer).
  • Download and run the HP Deskjet 3760 printer driver on your computer.
  • Install the software by following the instructions displayed on the screen.


  • Run the printer setup file on your computer.
  • When prompted, choose the connection type as “USB” and connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable.
  • Install the driver by following the prompts displayed on the installation screen.

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