HP Printer- EWS System Error – Solved[2022]

Best And Simple Solution To Try

Before going straight to the advanced methods, let’s try some simple and quick solutions to resolve the EWS System Error on your printer.

  • Restart the HP printer and computer. This is a simple solution, but at the same time, it is effective. Turn off the printer. Unplug all the cables and peripherals connected to the printer.
  • Wait for a while and turn on the printer. Simultaneously, close all the applications and restart your computer.
  • Using an outdated printer driver and firmware may also lead to so many printer-related problems. So, check if the printer driver and firmware are up-to-date. If not, update them.
  • Downgrade the firmware or driver if you have started experiencing this error after an update.
  • Check your printer display. If you find an error message or code on the screen, clear it, and access the printer from its EWS page.
  • Print, scan, or copy an original to check whether the printer is working properly. If not, resolve it, and access the printer.

Things You Can Perform On the EWS Page

Configuring Manual iP Address And DNS Server

In some cases, an incorrect IP address and DNS server settings might also lead to these kinds of errors. So, modify the necessary settings to resolve the HP printer EWS System error. Follow the instructions below for how to Fix EWS System Error.

  • If you have logged out, sign in to your HP printer’s EWS page.
  • Go to the Network menu. Expand the General menu section.
  • Locate and click on the Network Protocols option.
  • Now, the General- Network Protocols screen will open on the right-hand side of the window.
  • Locate the Enable IPv4 only option or a similar one and click the radio button beside it.
  • Now, expand the Wireless section in the Network tab.
  • Choose IPv4 Configuration or Network address (IPv4). Click the radio button beside the Manual IP option. Click the Suggest a Manual IP Address button if it is provided.
  • Otherwise, enter the IP address manually in the given fields. (You can get your printer’s IP address by tapping or pressing the Wireless icon on its control panel).
  • Now, choose the Manual DNS Server option below the DNS Address Configuration section.
  • Type the DNS server address in the given fields and click Apply.

Choose A Right Browser

  • Check if your web browser (that you’re using) is up-to-date. If not, update it.
  • Ensure that the browser’s search and access settings are configured correctly. If not, configure them correctly.
  • Close the browser completely and restart it.
  • Try a different web browser (from the recommended list) to access your printer’s EWS page. If you’re able to access the page without an error now, the cause of the problem is your browser.


Did the solutions discussed in this article help you in fixing the HP printer’s EWS System error? If not, contact us; we will let you know other workarounds to resolve this error in no time.