how to print envelopes on hp officejet 3830

Quick Steps To Print Envelope From HP Officejet 3830

  • Turn On your HP Officejet 3830 printer. Check the cables connected to the printer.
  • Also, check the Wireless connection on the printer.
  • Load Envelopes into the input tray.
  • Open the Officejet 3830 printer software and then click the Print option.
  • Choose the HP Officejet 3830 printer from the list of printers displayed.
  • Open the Properties Dialog box.
  • To apply default settings for all the print jobs, adjust the print job settings using the HP Printer Software.
  • Use a Printing shortcut tab and then tap the Print option on the printer control panel.
  • Tap the OK button and then close the Properties Dialog box.
  • Click the Print or OK button to start the printing process.

The Elaborate Steps To Print Envelope Form HP Officejet 3830 Printer

  • Format the Word Pad document for how to print envelopes on HP Officejet 3830. The Word pad comes pre-installed in the Windows OS. On the Windows, search for Word pad then choose Word pad option in the results. Click the options Menu icon-> Page Setup.
  • On the Page Setup dialog box, choose your envelope type from the Size menu, select Landscape orientation, and click the OK option. Enter the receiver address, then use the formatting tools on the Home tab to align the center text.
  • Click the menu icon and move the cursor over the Print. Now, click on the Print Preview to check if the address is entered correctly centered and sized. You can also make additional changes to align the text. Click the Print option.
  • To print an envelope from the Mac system. The contacts come pre-installed with Mac system. On the Mac system, search for contacts and then click the Contacts app in the results.
  • Tap on the name of your contact you want for how to print envelopes on HP Officejet 3830 and check if the address fields are filled out. Click File followed by the Print option. Tap the Show Details option at the bottom of the dialog box if it displays.
  • Select the Style menu and then click Envelopes. Click the Layout option. Choose your envelope size from the Layout pop-up menu. To remove, add, or change the return address, click the Label option.
  • Then, select or deselect the checkbox which is next to Print my Address. Click the Orientation option and then choose the landscape option. Click the Print option. For the Mac system, you can also use the Pages app to print the envelopes.
  • To print multiple envelopes at a time, it depends on the printer input trays capacity. Before printing multiple envelopes using your printer, verify whether the printer options are set correctly.
  • Follow the proceeding steps to print multiple envelopes. In the Mailings tab, select the Envelopes option from the Create group. Tap the Option. Click the Envelope tab options. On the Envelope Size option, choose the choices which match with the size of the envelope.
  • When you find none of the choices matching, scroll down the page. You will find the Custom Size option. Enter the width and height of the boxes manually. Select the Print Options tab. The printer’s driver will guide you the way to load the envelopes into the printer.
  • Those guidelines will be displayed on the Printing Options dialog box of the Envelope Options dialog box. Load the Envelopes as indicated in the dialog box and select the OK option.
  • First, try printing the test page in the Delivery Address box. If you are satisfied with the quality, click the Print option. While printing multiple envelopes, make sure you enter the correct address of the receiver. Also, load enough number of envelopes in the printer while printing multiple envelopes with the above mentioned guide of how to print envelopes on HP Officejet 3830.