How To Print Envelopes on HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 – Basic Steps

  • Open the input tray 1 of the printer.
  • Load recommended envelopes in the tray. Ensure that the envelope paper is loaded with its printable side facing down. You can load up to 30 envelopes at a time on this HP OfficeJet printer.
  • Adjust the paper width guides after placing the envelopes and close the tray.
  • Launch the software with which you will print the envelopes.
  • Modify any settings before you begin envelope printing.
  • Check if you want to print multiple envelopes or a single one.
  • Mention the number of copies and select the correct printer.
  • Click Print. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer will start printing your envelope.

How To Print Envelopes On HP OfficeJet 8620- Step-By-Step Guide With Pictures

For Windows

You can use the Microsoft WordPad or Microsoft Word application to print an envelope from your Windows computer to the HP OfficeJet Pro 8620. We have provided instructions for both applications in the section below.

Using Wordpad

  • Go to Windows and search for the Wordpad software.
  • Open it on your system and navigate to the Menu icon.
  • Choose the Page Setup option, and the Page Setup window will open.
  • Under the Size menu, select the Envelope Type.
  • Set the orientation to Landscape and tap OK.
  • Specify the address. Make use of the formatting tools available on the Home menu to align the text you have entered.
  • Go to Print, choose the Print Preview option, and check if you have specified all the details correctly.
  • Click the Print button.
  • You can use the Mail Merge With envelopes feature if you want to print multiple envelopes with the guide of how to print envelopes on HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer.
Print Envelopes using HP Printer

Using Microsoft Word

  • On Microsoft Word, you can use the Mailings option to print envelopes.
  • Open Word on your system and choose the Mailings option.
  • Click the Envelopes option present in the top part of the screen.
  • When the Envelopes and Labels window appears, you have to enter the delivery Address and the return Address in the respective fields.
  • Tap Preview option to open the Envelope Options window.
  • Change the envelope size and font type if needed.
  • Choose the Feed Method and the tray in which you have loaded the envelopes under the Printing Options tab.
  • Select the Print option.
HP Printer Setup


Like Windows, for Mac users, there are two applications that enable you to print envelopes on HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer.

Printing Contacts

  • Turn on your system and search for Contacts. Open it on your Mac system.
  • Choose the contact you wish to print and fill the Address field.
  • Navigate to the File menu and tap the Print option.
  • Click on the Show Details button followed by the Style option.
  • Next, select Envelopes and choose an Envelope Size from the Layout menu.
  • If you want to add or remove the Return Address, then you can click the Label option and untick the check-box near Print My Address option.
  • Select Landscape as the Orientation in the next step.
  • Choose the Print option and complete the process of how to print envelopes on HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer in Mac.
Choose Print Option And Complete Process

With Pages App

  • Locate the New Document button and click on it on the Pages app’s main screen.
  • Choose either the All Templates or Stationery option from the left navigation pane.
  • Select the envelope type that you wish to use from the list and click Create.
  • The envelope template with the data entered by the placeholder will open. You can see your name in the return address section if you have already attached it to Pages.
  • Select the current text in the envelope template if you want to replace it with yours.
  • After making the necessary changes, click Document and go to the Document tab.
  • Choose your printer and envelope size from the drop-down menu.
Choose Printer And Envelope Size

End Note

This article shows how to print envelopes on HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer using the Microsoft WordPad, Microsoft Word, Contact, and Pages applications. We believe the information above has successfully helped you in printing the envelopes from your Windows or Mac computer to the printer. Click the Click to Call button on this page if you have further queries or want real-time assistance printing envelopes on your HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 printer.