How to print on HP Deskjet 2546 printer using simple steps

  • Edit your document to modify the text size, font, layout options, etc.
  • Open the app where you created your document and tap File or the menu icon.
  • Select Print to open general print settings. Open Printer Properties or Preferences.
  • Edit the layout and paper settings for your print job.
  • Change the portrait or landscape orientation from the advanced settings option.
  • Set the paper tray or source, paper type, paper size, etc., for your document.
  • Check if the printer supports Duplexing. Enable this feature to print multiple pages at once.
  • Adjust the settings like Quality, Draft, maximum DPI, etc.
  • Decide the color for your document like Color, Black and White, Black Ink Only, Grayscale, etc.
  • Tap OK and then tap the Print option.
how to print on hp deskjet 2546

Detailed Instruction To Print On HP Deskjet 2546 Printer

Paper jams can occur in many areas of your printer. If you are not able to find the paper jam in one area, proceed to the next area until you find the source of the jam.

  • Modify the settings of your document before you start printing. Edit the preferences like layout, text font, text size, etc.
  • Go to the app where you created your document. Tap File and then Print. Wait while the print dialog box opens. Click Show details if you don’t see the advanced settings menu.
  • Choose your printer from the Printer menu. Open the Presets option and select the option like Default Settings or Color that is suitable for your print job.
  • View the center of the dialog box and tap the unnamed print options menu to get more advanced print settings.
  • Make changes to the print job settings. There are options like color for the document, paper type, paper tray, print quality, etc.
  • Check if your printer supports the Duplexing feature and select that option to enable that feature. Tap Print after you complete making the changes in the settings.
  • Use the HP Smart app on your mobile device running on Android OS 5.0 and Apple iOS 10 or later.
  • Open the manufacturer’s website on your smartphone or tablet and install the HP Smart app. Make sure that your device is connected to your wireless network.
  • Open the app and add your printer. Open the homescreen and press the Print option or the Document or Photo icon.
  • Find a document to print and tap Print by using how to print on HP Deskjet 2546 guide.