how to remove paper jam from hp laserjet printer m1005

How To Avoid Paper Jams In The HP Laserjet M1005 Printer?

  • Ensure that the input trays are not overfilled with papers.
  • Make sure that the paper stack is aligned to the width guides.
  • Avoid opening the cartridge door while printing a job.
  • Clear the printed sheets from the output tray before it overfills.
  • Use a paper or media that matches the print settings.
  • Check if the media do not contain objects or obstructions while printing.
  • Foresee that the paper is not moist nor placed in a too humid or dry condition.
  • Check the printer’s power supply availability by examining its hardware connection.
  • Connect HP Laserjet M1005 only to a direct electrical wall outlet.
  • Maintain your printer correctly so that it does not undergo a paper jam.

How To Clear A Paper Jam In Your Laserjet M1005?

Clearing Paper Jams From Input Trays:

  • Check if there is a jam visible in the input trays the moment you open them.
  • First, open the tray-1 and remove any jammed paper from the device.
  • If you do not find any paper inside, open the cartridge door of the printer and remove the cartridge. Now, check for any jammed paper and remove it if present.
  • Reposition the printer cartridge into its place and close the cartridge door.
  • Now, close the tray-1 and proceed with the next step of how to remove paper jam from HP Laserjet printer m1005.

Clearing Paper Jams From The Output Tray:

  • If you see a jammed paper in the output tray, pull it with both the hands and take it out slowly.

Clearing Paper Jams From The Ink Cartridge Area:

  • Remove the ink cartridge from the print-cartridge area. Do not expose the cartridge to direct light as it may cause damage to it.
  • If the jammed paper is visible, use both your hands to pull it slowly in the upward direction.
  • Place the ink cartridge back into the slot and position it.
  • Now, close the print-cartridge door.

In case you do not find any jammed sheets, use a flashlight and look for bits and torn pieces of paper inside the printer or any other area inside, which is invisible.

After clearing the paper jam error, restart your printing machine, and try to print a task. If still, the error message displays on the printer, then perform a hard reset to your printer by following the succeeding steps.

While doing this process, do not turn off the HP Laserjet M1005 printer at any cost. Pull the power cord of the printer from both the device and the electrical wall outlet. After a few minutes, reconnect it back to the previous locations.

The printer should turn on automatically by now. If not, turn it on with the Power button. It should help you out in resolving the error message. To know more about how to remove paper jam from HP Laserjet printer m1005, start to connect with us now.