how to remove paper jam from hp officejet 4630

How To Resolve Paper Jam Issue On HP Officejet 4630 Printer?

  • Disconnect the power cord from your HP printer.
  • Find the slot on both sides of the printer and lift the top door.
  • Check for paper jams and remove any jammed paper inside the printer area.
  • Clear the paper that is jammed underneath the product.
  • Check and remove the paper jams inside the input tray.
  • Pull the output tray outwards and remove any curled or torn paper from it.
  • Clean the paper feed roller with a lightly dampened, dust-free cloth.
  • Make sure you have cleared all the paper jams and then start working on your printer.

Removing Paper Jams From The HP Officejet 4630 Printer

  • When your printer shows a paper jam error, check if any problem-resolving description appears on the printer touchscreen panel. Clear the paper jams from the printer areas as per the instructions displayed for how to remove paper jam from HP Officejet 4630.
  • Make sure you have switched your printer to the inactive mode. Unplug the power cord from the rear port of the printer and power socket in order to avoid any electrical shocks while removing paper jams from inside the printer.
  • Using the slots on the sides of the printer, lift the top lid. Now, reach the ink cartridge access area to check for any jammed paper inside it. Use a flashlight to check the torn pieces of paper inside the printer area. In case any torn pieces of paper are left inside, the paper jam error may persist.
  • Hold the paper that is jammed in the printer with both the hands and pull it out slowly. Locate the paper cover and lift it after pinching the paper tabs together. Remove the paper jams and torn pieces of paper from the rear roller of the printer and clean it properly. In case there more torn paper pieces stuck inside, remove the pieces one-by-one slowly.
  • Find the duplexer path cover that is right below the paper path cover. Place your fingers into the aperture at the back of the cover and raise it upwards. Raise until the path cover of the duplexer clicks into an upright position. Once the duplexer path cover is set at the position, remove the jammed paper from it. Again fix the duplexer path cover back into its place.
  • After clearing the paper jams completely from the printer’s ink cartridge area, shut the cartridge access door. If the error message is not resolved, check for any paper jams in other parts of the printer. Now move to the next step process of how to remove paper jam from HP Officejet 4630.
  • Gently turn the printer to your side and pull the input tray out. Check if any paper is jammed inside the tray. Remove the hard objects like pens, pencils, cables, and books from the tray. Also, remove any carpet-like material or placemats. After confirming that all the obstructions are removed, turn it back to normal position and connect the cord back to the rear port of the printer.
  • If the printer’s control panel displays any messages, click OK and then try to print. If the paper jam issue is not resolved, turn off the HP printer again and disconnect the power cable from the printer’s rear side.
  • To avoid any paper jams in the future, check the condition of the paper while loading it into the input tray. Make sure you have not loaded any curled or wrinkled paper into the input tray. Arrange the edges of the paper sheets before loading them into the printer.
  • Do not exert pressure on the sliding paper guides which may cause the paper to bend or crumple at the edges. In case the printer shows false error messages, reset the printer settings and power cycle the printer to clear the error. Do not load paper into the input tray while the HP printer is printing. If you could not resolve the issue, service your printer. For more help regarding how to remove paper jam from HP Officejet 4630 printer, contact us now.