10 Quick Steps: How To Reset HP Deskjet 2540

  • Power on your printer if it is switched off.
  • Wait for some time and do not perform any action on it.
  • Do not proceed until the printer is idle and silent. If the printer is performing an action or making noise, then performing a reset will not be successful.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  • Ensure that your HP printer is turned on when you remove the power plug.
  • Disconnect the power cable from the electrical socket.
  • Wait for a minute before you proceed.
  • Check the settings on your printer. Ensure that the printer settings are changed from customized to factory defaults.
  • Change the network settings of the printer to factory defaults. Go to the printer control panel.
  • Tap and hold the Wireless and Cancel button together for around five seconds. Release the buttons and then check if the settings are changed.

How To Reset My Hp Deskjet 2540 Printer

  • Switch on your printer if it is powered off.
  • Wait until the printer is idle and quiet. Do not continue if it is making noise or doing some operation.
  • Remove the power cable carefully from the printer.
  • Make sure that the printer is on when you remove the power cable.
  • Take out the plug from the wall socket.
  • Wait until 60 seconds have passed.
  • Restore the network settings on your printer to default.
  • Go to the control panel of the printer.
  • Press and then hold the Wireless button and the Cancel button together for 5 seconds.
  • Release the buttons and the values will be set to default with how to reset HP Deskjet 2540 guide.