how to scan from hp officejet 4650

What Is The Initial Setup Process For Scanning Using The Officejet 4650 Printer?

  • Power up the printer and the system.
  • Link the printer and system via a USB cable or network.
  • Open the scanner lid.
  • Keep originals with the printed side down on the scanner glass. Close the scanner lid.
  • Check if the printer has a Scan button.
  • Hold the Scan button to initiate the scanning process.
  • You can also use the HP Scan Software installed on the system for scanning your documents.
  • Choose the printer name on the list after launching the software.
  • Modify the Scan settings as per your requirement.
  • Click Scan to initiate the process of how to scan from HP Officejet 4650.

What Is The Software To Scan From The HP Officejet 4650 Printer?

    Embedded Web Server

  • Provide the printer’s IP address in the search bar after launching the web browser. After a while, open the EWS page. Ensure that the printer and the system are connected to the same network. There is no additional software required for the scanning process.
  • Position your original on the scanner glass. If the printer consists of an Automatic Document Feeder tray, insert the original into it. Avoid inserting photos into the tray as it may damage the printer as well as the photo.
  • Click the Scan option displayed on the top of the menu bar on the EWS page. If a message displays stating that you cannot use this function because it has been disabled, change the Security Settings option from the top menu. Select the Administrator Settings option.
  • Check if the page is directed to the HTTPs-enabled page. Click OK and select the Redirect to HTTPs option. Choose the Advanced option if a message displays as the connection as private. Find the WebScan or WebScan from EWS in the Administrator Settings, click Apply followed by OK.
  • Choose the Scan Preferences option under the Scan menu. Select Start Scan and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen to complete the process of how to scan from HP Officejet 4650. After the scanning process is complete, the file automatically stores in the system.

    Use HP Smart App

  • Navigate to the HP Smart app on your Windows 10 operating system and select it. If you have not installed the app already, install it from the Windows Store. Read through the instructions mentioned on the screen to complete the installation process. Check if the app shows up the wireless-enabled printers.
  • If more than one printer is connected to the network, the app discovers the device in the network. Select the Printer icon and choose the Select the Different Printer icon. You can find the currently used printer name in the list and click it.
  • If you are configuring a new printer on the network, select the Set up a new printer option and then read the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Press the + sign to add the printer to the list.
  • Check if the Scan option displays on the home screen of the app. Wait for the Scan window to display on the screen. Set the scan settings on the next window that opens. Finally, select the Scan option.
  • Edit the Scan settings on the preview screen. Click the Apply option when the settings are complete. Once the Scan job completes, click Save followed by OK. For more help on how to scan from HP Officejet 4650 printer, contact our tech experts now.