how to scan on hp officejet pro 8720

Quick Solution On How To Scan On HP Officejet Pro 8720

  • Perform the initial scanner setup before scanning any files.
  • Make sure your computer and HP printer are connected properly.
  • Open the scanner lid by lifting it upwards. Wipe the scanner glass with a cloth to remove dirt or fingerprints.
  • Position your original document to be scanned on the scanner glass.
  • Open the HP Printer Assistant on your system.
  • Choose the scan option in the next step.
  • Make any changes to the scan job if required.
  • Click the Scan button to initiate the scanning process.

Detailed Solution On How To Scan On HP Officejet 8720


  • Before proceeding with the process of how to scan on HP Officejet Pro 8720 printer, you have to download the necessary drivers on your computer and install it.
  • Make sure to download the driver that is compatible with your OS version.
  • Run the setup file and follow the prompts displayed on the installer screen to install the driver successfully.
  • Lift the scanner lid of the HP Officejet Pro 8720 printer.
  • Make use of a soft cloth to clean the glass. Place the document that has to be scanned on the scanner bed. The printed side of the document should face the glass.
  • Go to Windows and search for HP. Choose your printer in the next step.
  • Wait till the HP printer Assistant window opens on your system.
  • Tap the Scan option and then choose the scan a Document or Photo option. Once the HP Scan window opens, you have to choose a destination folder to store the scanned files.
  • Click the Scan button, and the scanning process will start.


  • If you want to perform how to scan on HP Officejet Pro 8720 printer to a Mac system, then you have to download the HP Easy Scan software.
  • It is a part of the full feature driver. Check if you have installed it along with the printer drivers.
  • Check if the printer and computer are connected via wired or wireless network.
  • You should launch the Finder on your system and choose the Applications option.
  • Search for HP Easy Scan and open it by double-clicking on it.
  • If the HP Easy Scan software is not displayed, then type HP Easy in the search bar available and select it from the list of results displayed.
  • Once the software opens, tap the Arrow Mark available near the Scanner drop-down menu.
  • Choose your HP printer from the list available on the next screen.
  • In case your printer is not displayed, you have to click on the Browse Scanners option to find your printer.
  • The next step is to set the scan Preferences. Go to the Presets menu and choose the type Scan Job to be performed.
  • If you want to scan only a single page, then you edit the settings later.
  • In case you are going to scan multiple pages, then choose the Edit Settings option.
  • Modify any settings such as Orientation, Color Mode, Resolution, and Page Size.
  • Choose the Scan Both Sides of Page option and click Done.
  • The documents will be scanned based on the above-modified settings.
  • Alternately, you can also use the HP Smart app and Apple Image Capture app to scan your documents and save it on your computer. Connect with us now for live technical solution regarding how to scan on HP Officejet Pro 8720 printer.