HP DeskJet 2131 How To Scan – Windows

  • Make sure your HP DeskJet 2131 printer and Windows computer are ready to scan.
  • Open the HP printer software from the HP folder or the All Apps screen
  • Go to the Print, Scan, and Copy menu, and then to the Scan section.
  • Click Scan Document or Photo located under the Scan section.
  • Wait a few seconds for your computer to open the HP Scan Shortcuts screen.
  • Select Save as PDF, Save as JPEG, Email as PDF, or Email as JPEG, and configure the scan settings to your liking. If you want to scan an original saved on your computer, select it from the Source drop-down menu.
  • Click Scan the printer scans the placed or selected original and displays its thumbnail on the screen.
  • Place the next document or original on the scanner glass of the printer.
  • Click the plus sign (+) on the software screen on your computer if you want to scan more pages.
  • Edit the file name, select the location, and click Save to save the scanned document to your computer.
  • How To Scan From HP DeskJet 2131

How To Scan A Photo In HP Deskjet 2131- Mac

  • Place the photo on the scanner glass of the HP DeskJet 2131 printer.
  • Open the HP scanning software (HP Easy Scan) on your Mac computer. This software can be installed when you install the printer’s full-featured software or through the App Store
  • Select your HP printer from the Scanner drop-down menu on the software screen if it is not already selected.
  • HP Deskjet Mac
  • Select the Photos, Graphics, etc. option from the Preferences drop-down menu.
  • HP DeskJet For Mac To Scan A Photo
  • Select Edit Settings from the same drop-down menu if you want to change the default scan settings.
  • Select Edit Settings
  • Click the Scan button after you have configured the scan settings.
  • Wait for the printer to scan your photo.
  • Once your photo is scanned, the thumbnail will appear on the scan software screen.
  • Remove the existing photo and place the next photo on the scanner glass of the printer and click the Scan Next Item button on the Scan Completed screen if you want to scan more photos.
  • Click Done if you want to finish scanning and save the scanned photo to your computer.
  • HP Deskjet 2131 Scanner

How To Scan A Document In HP DeskJet 2131- Basic Steps (Windows & Mac)

  • The HP DeskJet 2131 printer does not have an automatic document feeder and scan button on its control panel.
  • The HP Easy Scan (Mac) or the HP printer software (Windows) must be installed to initiate the scan job from your computer to the printer. These applications are included with the full version of the printer.
  • Also, you can only use the printer’s scanner glass to scan single or multiple documents and save them as a PDF file on your computer.
  • Follow the instructions below to learn the basic steps for scanning with the HP DeskJet 2131 printer
  • Place the document face down on the scanner glass of the printer.
  • Open the HP Scan or HP printer software on your computer.
  • In Windows, click Print, Scan, and Copy > Scan Document or Scan Photo.
  • Configure the scan settings, such as resolution, scan type, scan size, etc., to your preference and click Scan.
  • For Mac, make sure your printer is selected on the HP Easy Scan software screen. Specify the scan settings and click Scan. (For more information, see the instructions given under the how to scan a photo in HP DeskJet 2131- Mac section).
  • Save or email the document once the printer has scanned it.

HP DeskJet 2131 Scanner Driver Download And Install

  • You must install the compatible and latest scanner driver on your computer to scan smoothly with your HP DeskJet 2131 printer.
  • If you do not already have the scanner driver installed on your computer, follow the instructions below to install it.
  • First, download the compatible and latest printer driver for your OS type. (The fully functional printer driver includes the necessary scanner drivers).
  • Click the Driver Download button below to download the driver file with a single click.
  • Run the downloaded installation file on your computer.
  • Install the software and connect your HP DeskJet printer to the computer by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After the setup and installation are complete, you can scan a document or photo with your HP printer from your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Click here to learn more about downloading and installing HP DeskJet 2131 printer driver on your computer.


Have you now learned how to scan with HP DeskJet 2131 printer? We believe yes. If you have set up the printer properly and installed the recommended scanner drivers on your computer, you will effortlessly scan a document or photo. We hope this article was helpful! Contact us if you need real-time assistance scanning an item with your printer or if you want to know more about the HP DeskJet 2131 printer. Click the toll-free button on this page to contact us now.