how to set up fax on hp officejet pro 8610

How To Set Up A Fax Before You Send Or Receive?

  • Take the telephone cord that came along with the printer.
  • Connect one end of it to the phone line’s wall jack.
  • Plug the other end into the printer’s 1-LINE end on its rear.
  • Check whether you are going to use an answering machine and follow the next step.
  • Grab another phone cord and connect its one end to your answering device.
  • Insert the other end to the 2-EXT jack on the printer’s rear.
  • Go to the printer’s control panel and set up fax settings needed.
  • Run a fax test report from the HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer.
  • Send or receive a fax from the ADF or the scanner glass.
  • Retry doing the same process to set up a fax if any problem occurs.

How To Set Up Fax Settings On Your Printer?

  • Before you intend to prepare the process of how to set up fax on HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer, check whether the printer has the Fax Setup Wizard.
  • The fax setup wizard is available on your Windows computer when you install the HP Software during the driver installation.
  • Now from the printer’s control panel, go to the Fax or Setup tabs depending on what displays on it.
  • There are a few settings which are mandatory to set before you initiate sending or receiving a fax.
  • Fax Header: It is similar to letterhead for your recipients to know from where the fax has been received. You should enter your Name, Business Name, and the entire 10-digit fax number on the fax header field.
  • Answer Mode or Auto Mode: This option lets your printer pick the incoming faxes automatically if you have specified after how many rings, it should be picked up. If not specified, you will only be able to pick faxes manually to complete the process of how to set up fax on HP Officejet Pro 8610.
  • Rings to answer: This is in line with the Answer mode option to set the number of rings that your HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer should pick the call when your telephone rings.
  • Ring type: Here, you can set either a standard or distinctive ring type setting for the faxes that you receive. For a dedicated fax line, you can use the All Rings setting and for special ring patterns, you can choose Distinctive Ring.
  • Dial type: Set a dial type that matches the analog phone service you possess, such as tone or pulse. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for the printer to identify rings and pick up incoming calls.
  • Fax Volume: If you want to hear sounds while making a fax call, then set the volume accordingly. For fax without noise, set the Volume to Off.
  • You are now done with the required fax settings.
  • The next process is to print a fax test report. From the printer’s control panel, see where you have the Run Fax Test or Fax Test Report option under the Fax or Setup menus.
  • You will obtain a test report that even helps you with troubleshooting fax setup issues if any. Reach us now for more information regarding how to set up fax on HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer.