HP Deskjet 2540 Error Lights

There are a lot of lights on the printer control panel. The reason behind the blinking of the cartridge is denoted by the light which is flashing. If the ink cartridges lights are blinking, then there is an issue with the cartridges. Likewise, the blinking of Power light indicates that the printer is busy in processing multiple operations.

  • Check if the ink cartridges lights are blinking.
  • View if both the ink cartridges lights are blinking.
  • Check the cartridge compatibility as the blinking lights indicate an issue with the cartridges.
  • Fix this error by removing and reseating the cartridges in the respective slots properly.
  • Try cleaning the ink cartridges because dirty cartridges create issues too.
  • Check if all the lights are blinking.
  • Remove the printer from the error state because this is the issue if all the lights flash.
  • Reset the printer to resolve the issue.
  • Plug the power cord connected to the printer to a direct electrical socket.
  • Do not connect the power cable to a surge protector.

HP Deskjet 2540 Won t Print Wirelessly

The HP Deskjet 2540 won’t print wirelessly if there are connection issues between the printer and device. This HP Deskjet 2540 troubleshooting issue can also arise if the print driver and software is not a full-feature driver.

  • Resolve the issue of your printer not printing wirelessly by following these steps.
  • Restart your computer and printer to resolve this wireless issue.
  • Restart your smartphone if you are trying to print using your mobile device.
  • Ensure that your devices and printer are close to each other if the printer won’t print wirelessly.
  • Restart the wireless network router to resolve the wireless printing issues.
  • Check the firewall software which is installed to.
  • Configure the software to allow all HP installations and downloads.
  • Remove the obstructions between the printer and computer.
  • Get rid of the objects like refrigerators and metal items between the printer and computer.
  • Set the IP address that is relevant for use on the local area network.

My HP Deskjet 2540 Won t Print

There can be multiple reasons for this situation when the printer does not print. These reasons can vary from faulty ink cartridges to inappropriate paper, from issues in the connection supply between the printer and computer to issues in the printhead.

  • Check if the connection is proper between the printer and computer.
  • Ensure that the power cable used for establishing the connection is not worn-out.
  • Make sure that the ink cartridges used are compatible with the printer,
  • Use only the genuine ink cartridges.
  • Make sure that you insert the cartridges in the designated slots.
  • Check the ink levels in the printer.
  • Make sure the ink or toner cartridges are not low in ink.
  • Ensure the printer driver and software installed are recent.
  • Download the full-feature software to get all the features.
  • Align the ink cartridges and the printer also to fix this HP Deskjet 2540 troubleshooting issue.

My HP Deskjet 2540 Is Offline

The printer will display a status ‘offline’ or ‘the printer is not responding.’ This error can be rectified by checking the printer connection, using tools available for fixing errors, or by going through the HP Deskjet 2540 troubleshooting steps.

  • Make sure your printer is ready to receive a print job.
  • Restart the devices and to fix this issue,
  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your Windows device.
  • Reset the printing system.
  • Clear all the print jobs and printer preferences by resetting the printer.
  • Add your printer to the list after resetting the printer.
  • Set your printer as the default printer.
  • Troubleshoot the connection issues with the printer and router.
  • Ensure that your printer is receiving proper power connection.
  • Service your printer if none of the steps help.

HP Deskjet 2540 Installation Problems

The installation problem on your HP Deskjet 2540 printer may arise due to various reasons. Check for the error messages on the computer screen and follow the solutions listed below.

  • Download the automated tool called HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Run the downloaded application on your computer.
  • Pick your printer name under the option Choose Your Product.
  • Check the results to solve the problem.
  • Else, remove the USB plug on the rear of the printer.
  • Open the window called Programs and Features and select Uninstall a Program.
  • Choose your printer name on the displayed window.
  • Hit the Yes button under the confirmation screen.
  • Go with the instructions display on the screen to uninstall the program.
  • Re-install the printer driver from our website to solve the installation problems.

HP Deskjet 2540 Not Scanning

You can diagnose the scanning problem using the HP automated tool. Carry out the solutions below to resolve the HP Deskjet 2540 troubleshooting problem.

  • Make sure you have installed the HP Print and Scan Doctor application.
  • If not, download it from online and locate the file in the Downloads folder.
  • Hit Start to run the application and then choose your printer name.
  • Click the Retry button if the printer name is not listed on the screen.
  • Carry out the steps appears on the screen to solve the issue.
  • Click the Fix Scanning option to resolve the scanning problem.
  • Open the program called View Local Services on the Windows computer.
  • Scroll downwards to locate the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) option.
  • Check the Status and the values for Startup Type. Confirm if the program is running.
  • If it is disabled, click the Start button and enable the Automatic option to start WIA and resolve the problems using HP Deskjet 2540 troubleshooting guidelines.