hp deskjet 2542 not printing black

Solve the error HP Deskjet 2542 not printing black

  • Use genuine ink cartridges in the printer to avoid this issue.
  • Make use of the cartridges purchased from the manufacturer’s store.
  • Check if resetting the printer resolves the issue,
  • Wait for 30 minutes and then try printing again.
  • Do not continue troubleshooting if the steps resolved the issue.
  • Check if the paper is appropriate for the print job.
  • Replace the ink cartridges and install the new ones.
  • Insert the cartridges into their slots.
  • Align the printer after installing the ink cartridge to obtain the best print quality.
  • Make sure that the print settings assigned for the print job are suitable for your print job.

HP deskjet 2542 printing blank pages

  • Ensure that the ink levels in the cartridge are proper. If the cartridges do not have sufficient ink, replace them.
  • View the ink level for your printer from your Windows computer. Enter the printer model name on your computer’s search bar, and tap your printer name in the list displayed.
  • Wait while the printer software opens.
  • Tap the Estimated Ink Levels option. The HP Toolbox will open. Click the Estimated Ink Levels option and the window will open displaying the ink level.
  • Check the estimated from your Mac system for your printer by entering the printer model name. Select your printer from the displayed list of results. Halt while the HP Utility opens.
  • Tap the Supplies Status option and the Estimated Ink Levels graphic will display.
  • Replace the cartridge in your printer if they are defective. Tap the Power button to turn on the printer if it is off.
  • Load blank white paper into the input tray and open the ink cartridge access door. The carriage will move to the center of the printer.
  • Wait while the printer is idle and quiet. Gently push down on the cartridge to release it and pull it out of the slot.
  • Remove the cartridge from its new packaging.
  • Insert the black cartridge into the right hole and the tricolor cartridge into the left hole and close the cartridge access door. Try printing now. The document shows the complete solution for HP Deskjet 2542 not printing black issue and printing blank pages issue.