HP Deskjet 2546 Reset Instructions

  • Carry out the reset process on the printer to resolve issues on it.
  • Turn on the printer if it is off.
  • Wait until the printer is quiet.
  • Remove the power cord from your printer when it is switched on.
  • Disconnect the power plug from the outlet.
  • Do not perform any operation for a minute.
  • Connect the power cable into the wall socket.
  • Connect the power plug into the rear of the printer.
  • Switch on the printer if it does not automatically turn on.
  • Wait until your printer is idle. Try to print and check if the issue is resolved.
hp deskjet 2546 reset

How To Reset HP Deskjet 2546 Printer Completely

  • HP Deskjet 2546 reset the printer from your Mac system to remove all the printers and scanners from the printer queue. Clear the print jobs and print settings from your system.
  • Troubleshoot steps include resetting the printer, but you should add the printer and scanner to the list again when you are done.
  • Solve the printer issues like print jobs that are stuck in the print queue, an incomplete print driver installation, and communication errors between your Mac device and printer.
  • Understand that resetting the printer will delete all the print settings and pending print jobs. If you reset the printing system, then it will also help in resolving error messages like Printer Offline or Printer Not Responding.
  • Power on your Mac device and tap the Apple option. Click the System Preferences option. Tap Printers & Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan.
  • Press control+click or give a right-click on a blank area anywhere inside the Printers window. Tap the Reset printing system.
  • Tap Reset or OK. Key in your username and password if you are prompted and then press OK. The printing system will reset.
  • Power off the printer and wait for five seconds. Turn on the printer again. Wait until the printer is silent and idle.
  • Click the Add button option in the Printers window on your Mac. Choose your printer from the displayed menu and then press Add.
  • Wait for a few seconds because your printer will appear in the Printers list in some time. HP Deskjet 2546 reset is reset now. Check if you are able to perform operations on your printer without any issues.