hp deskjet 2600 not printing

10 quick steps to fix HP Deskjet 2600 not printing error

  • To fix HP Deskjet 2600 not printing, check for any dirt in the cartridge and clean it by using a swab or a lint-free cloth.
  • Open the document, choose File and then select Print in case of Mac.
  • Choose the Paper Type/Quality or Media and Quality menu.
  • Choose Save in the Presets menu and then name the new preset to save the settings for future print jobs.
  • Choose File in the software application in Windows.
  • Select Print which opens the printer window.
  • Open the Properties or Preferences dialog box.
  • Modify the settings such as paper size, print quality, paper type, etc.
  • Choose OK and then select Print.
  • Check for the ink levels and replace the cartridges if it is empty.

Why is my HP Deskjet 2600 not printing

  • Ensure that you are using the appropriate paper for printing. Check for the estimated ink levels and replace the low or empty ink cartridges with the new one.
  • Check for the print settings in Windows by selecting File in the software application and then choose Print. The Print window opens and opens the Properties dialog box. And, depending on the print job, modify the paper type, print quality, paper size, etc.
  • After selecting the print settings, choose OK to apply the settings and then choose Print.
  • Clean the area around the ink nozzles by gathering lint-free cloth, dry foam rubber swabs, or any other soft material.
  • Hold the handle on the sides of the printer. Then, raise the cartridge access door until it locks into place. And, the cartridge moves to the center of the printer.
  • Wait till the cartridge is idle and silent before you continue. Take the power cord from the rear of the printer. Lift the lid from the cartridge slot to release the ink cartridge. Then, gently push the lid back till it stops.
  • Pull up the ink cartridge to remove from the slot. Hold the ink cartridge by its sides. Lightly moisten a lint-free cloth or foam-rubber swab with distilled water.
  • Then, squeeze any excess water from it. Gently clean the face and edges around the ink nozzle in the swab. Leave the cartridge to sit for 10 minutes to allow the cleaned area to dry or use a new swab to dry it.
  • Hold the ink cartridge by the sides with the nozzles towards the printer.
  • Slide the ink cartridge forward in the slot. Then, close the lid on the cartridge to secure the cartridge into its place. And, close the cartridge access door.

Steps to fix HP Deskjet 2600 not printing in color

  • Check for the ink level in the color cartridge and replace the old cartridge with the new cartridge.
  • Also, ensure that you are using the right cartridge of the printer.
  • If the right cartridge is installed, make sure that you have removed the tape from the cartridge nozzle.
  • Check the print settings by selecting the File menu in the software application that you are using to print.
  • Choose Print which opens the Print dialog box. Ensure that the name of the HP printer you are using displays in the printer Name box.
  • You can also use the drop-down list for choosing your printer. Choose the Properties button and the Properties dialog box opens.
  • And, check the options on the property tabs to make sure that the appropriate color options are chosen. And, if there is a checkmark in the box by Print in Grayscale, choose in the box to remove the checkmark and then select OK. Try printing in a different software program.
  • Also, install the most current print driver by typing the product number and then choose Next to continue.
  • The Select your Operating System window opens. Choose your computer’s operating system and the Select Software and drivers window opens.
  • And, in the Driver section, review the list of available driver downloads and then select the driver that meets the needs. And, download and install the software to recover from HP Deskjet 2600 not printing issue.