All in one guide for HP Deskjet 3545 scan to computer

  • Go to the manufacturer’s site from a browser on your Windows computer.
  • Scroll to the area of Software and Driver Downloads on the page.
  • Enter your printer and tap Download next to the full-feature driver using Driver-Product Installation Software.
  • Go with the step-by-step guide to connect your printer.
  • Choose the option that includes HP Scan.
  • Keep the item you want to scan on the scanner glass or in the document feeder.
  • Type HP in the search bar of your Windows computer and choose your printer.
  • Wait while the HP Printer Assistant opens.
  • Tap Scan and then Scan a Document or Photo. Wait while the HP Scan opens.
  • Choose a scan shortcut, alter the scan job settings, and press Scan.
hp deskjet 3545 scan to computer

How To Enable Scan To Computer HP Deskjet 3545

  • Go with these steps to know how to enable HP Deskjet 3545 scan to computer to your Mac computer. Visit the manufacturer’s site and get the driver and software package.
  • Download the HP Easy Scan app to scan. Check if you got the app with the package. If not, download the app from the App Store.
  • Keep the document or photograph on the scanner glass with the printed-site down and shut the scanner lid. Check if your printer supports Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
  • Load documents in the ADF to scan multiple pages at once. Do not load photos in the ADF.
  • Search your Mac for scan and HP Easy Scan in the list of results. Wait while the HP Easy Scan opens.
  • Choose your printer from the Scanner drop-down list. Choose the type of scan job from the Presets menu and tap Scan.
  • Open the thumbnail of the scanned item and tap Edit to modify the size, color, etc.
  • Tap the Send option in the bottom right corner and click Folder. Enter the relevant data in the displayed fields.
  • Enter the file name in the Prefix field and the location of the document in the Where option. Choose a folder to save your document in the Where section.
  • Tap Save.

HP Deskjet 3545 Scan Software Download And Install

  • Get the scan driver and software downloaded on your computer to scan.
  • Download the full feature driver on your Windows computer.
  • Choose the suggested option that includes HP Scan on your Windows system.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s site from your Mac computer.
  • Download the HP Driver and Software package to perform the printer functions.
  • Check if the HP Easy Scan is in the driver package.
  • Download the HP Easy Scan application from the App Store if it is not the package.
  • Use Apple Image Capture to scan because it is in-built in many mac OS and OS X devices. Make use of the HP Scan software which can be used on OS X 10.11 or earlier.
  • Get HP Smart app for your Windows 10 device to scan your documents. You can also download HP Scan and Capture app which is supported on Windows 8 and 10.
  • Use Webscan Utility to perform the scan functions. Get your printer’s IP address and open the printer’s Embedded Web Server (EWS) in a browser. Open your printer’s website, view the options available. Click the Scan tab and tap Webscan for HP Deskjet 3545 scan to computer.