Steps: HP Deskjet 3700 how to scan

  • Set up your HP printer on a network and launch the HP Scan app.
  • Feed the original document into the Scan path and examine if the scan light lits.
  • Navigate the system for printer driver and double-click on it to launch the same.
  • Follow the preceding menu command Scan —> Scan a document or Photo.
  • You can choose the type of scan and then click Scan again.
  • Look for the Save as PDF button and click on it to save the document.
  • Prefer Save as JPG option if you scanned an image file.
  • The scan software allows you to modify settings before scanning.
  • You can also edit the scanned copy of the document using tools in scan software.
  • Enable the Show Viewer After Scan option so that you can preview the document.

How to scan with HP Deskjet 3700

  • To HP Deskjet 3700 how to scan, you need to connect the printer with the computer. While you set up the printer for the first time make sure to install a full-featured printer driver software as it includes HP Scan application in it. If you really need, download scan software like HP Scan and Capture, HP Easy Scan, etc. The scan software is available in the respective app store.
  • Once the software is ready, you can proceed with the procedure for scanning. Hold the original document and load it into the scan path. The document should be completely aligned to the right side of the scanner. As you feed the document, you can see the scanning light turning on indicating the ready state of the scanner.
  • Once you set the document for scanning, navigate the file location of the computer in which you have installed the printer driver software. If you are using Windows 10, then follow the menu command Start —> All apps —> HP and then click on the icon with your printer name.
  • Hp scan app allows you to modify the default scan settings, look for More option at the top right corner of the window. Review the settings and change them if you want. You can enable Show Viewer After Scan so that modifications on scanned images is possible via the preview screen.
  • You can find an option called Scan on the window by clicking on you can prefer Scan a Document or Photo option. Click on the Scan button again after determining the type of scan. The scanned documents can be stored in two types. Click either on Save as PDF or Save as JPEG.

HP Deskjet 3700 scan software

  • The HP Deskjet scan software is included in the full-featured driver. If you are installing the driver through the HP Smart app, then HP Scan app is also downloaded along with it.
  • There are several apps developed by HP for scanning based on the version of the software and given below the list of apps to scan on HP printers.
  • The Microsoft Windows of all versions supports all these following apps; HP Smart app, HP Scan and Capture app, Windows Scan app, Microsoft Paint, Windows Fax and Scan. The network printer can scan through Webscan Utility.
  • The Mac OS connect with the Hp Deskjet 3700 printer can scan using HP Scan software and Apple Image Capture. The HP Scan is included with the full-featured printer driver.
  • Using this software you can modify the scan settings and set the location and type to store the scanned documents.

HP Deskjet 3700 how to scan to computer

  • Feed the original document with the print side up and justified to the right side of the scanner.
  • Open the HP printer software in the Windows computer or any other specific scan applications.
  • You will find the Scan button and by clicking on it, you can select Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Click on Save as PDF as the scan type so that the photo or document is saved as PDF.
  • Click Save as JPEG to save the scanned items in the image format.
  • The computer displays you the scanned item and you can edit them if needed.
  • You can turn on the Show viewer After Scan option to preview the documents before storing them.
  • In the Mac system, launch the HP Easy Scan located on the Applications folder.
  • Select the Scan profile as per your requirement and Click Scan.
  • The HP Deskjet 3700 how to scan to the computer.

HP Deskjet 3700 scan to email

  • You can make HP Deskjet scan to email using the control panel or HP Scan feature.
  • Automatic scan to mail setup is possible only with a local email client.
  • If you are using web-based email then, you have to attach the scanned document manually.
  • Configure your web-based account with the local email client to enable auto scan to mail function.
  • Launch the HP printer software and select your printer from the window of the HP Assistant.
  • Click Scan —> Scan a Document or Photo and the HP Scan opens.
  • Prefer options like Document to Email or Email as JPEG from the scan preview window.
  • Click Scan and the mail client opens with the scanned document attached.

HP Deskjet 3700 scan to Mac

  • The HP Deskjet scan to Mac OS can be done easily by installing the printer driver software on your computer. The full-featured software includes the scan software but, if you installed the driver already, you can download the app separately.
  • Connect your devices to a network and surf the official site. Download and install the HP Scan software on your Mac system. There is another software called Apple Image Capture and you can download from the Apple store. Begin Scan once all the requirements are met.
  • Load the photo or document until it fills the scanner path. Press the Scan button and the application becomes active. Select HP Deskjet 3700 printer from the dropdown list of the scanner.
  • You can select and the job type from the Presets menu. The scanned document is displayed on Mac’s screen. You can apply edits to it. You can adjust colors, resize and straighten the scan.
  • Locate Send at the bottom right corner and choose the location to store the file.

HP Deskjet 3700 scanning on Chromebook

  • The HP Deskjet 3700 scanning on Chromebook can be done via Webscan feature.
  • Using the web browser of your computer, you can scan photos and documents and this is called Webscan which is the feature of the embedded web server.
  • Webscan does not require a printer driver to be installed.
  • You have to turn on the EWS feature to do so, press the wireless button and information button together. This prints network configuration page for you.
  • Quickly skim the printout and identify the IP address and hostname of the HP Deskjet 3700 printer.
  • Start a browser the computer and enter the IP address in the URL box. Look for the Settings tab on the EWS page. Go to Security —-> Administrator Settings.
  • Select Webscan from EWS option and click Apply. To do a Webscan, feed the original document into the printer and click Scan tab.
  • Navigate the left pane of the window, click Webscan. Make changes to the default settings and then click Start Scan.

HP Deskjet 3700 won’t scan

  • The HP Deskjet 3700 won’t scan for many reasons. You can troubleshoot and resolve the scan issue via HP Print and Scan Doctor application.
  • Download the app online and install it on the computer. Locate the HPPSdr.exe file and run the same.
  • Click Start once the app is launched and then choose HP Deskjet 3700 from the list. Click Retry if you can’t find the printer on the list.
  • Choose Fix Scanning option. The application will diagnose the printer issue and display you the report.
  • If an issue needs attention, the scan doctor displays you the possible results.
  • By following the HP Deskjet 3700 how to scan directions given by the tool, you can make your Deskjet to scan again.