HP Deskjet 3722 Driver Download

  • Search windows and select Change Device Installation Settings from the list.
  • Choose Yes and select Save Changes.
  • Connect the first end of the power cord to the rear of the printer and the other end to the wall outlet.
  • Select Devices and Printers in Windows.
  • Select Add a Printer and Add a Local Printer.
  • Choose Use an Existing Port & select Next.
  • Click Windows Update and wait for the drivers to update.
  • Click the name of the printer from the printer’s name.
  • Choose Next. Follow the on-screen instructions for HP Deskjet 3722 driver download.
  • Remove the USB cable from the computer.
hp deskjet 3722 driver download

Download HP Deskjet 3722 Driver For Windows

  • For the wireless connection in Windows, search for Devices in Windows and then choose Devices and Printers.
  • Choose Add a Printer and select Add a wireless, network or Bluetooth printer. A Select a Printer window displays. If the printer is in the list, choose it, choose Next and HP Deskjet 3722 driver download.
  • If the printer is not available on the list, click the back arrow in the upper-left corner of the window to return What type of Printer do you want to Install?.
  • Choose Add a Local Printer. Select Use an Existing Port (LPT:1 Printer Port) and choose Next. Select Windows Update and wait for the printer driver to update. Choose HP, and select the name of the printer in the Printer’s pane.
  • If the Printer is on the list, choose Next and download the driver. If the printer is not in the list, select the back arrow in the upper-left corner of the window two times to return for What type of Printer do you need to install?.
  • Choose Add a Network, Bluetooth or Wireless Printer window and select The Printer I Want isn’t listed.
  • Choose Add a Printer using TCP/ IP hostname or address and click Next. Choose AutoDetect from the Device Type drop-down list.
  • Type the printer IP address in the text box and click Next. Wait for the computer to get connected to the printer and choose Next to HP Deskjet 3722 driver download.

HP Deskjet 3722 All In One Series Driver Download Mac

The driver establishes the connection between the printer and the computer. It provides a series of instructions that are required for the printer to operate. It allows the PC or laptop to understand the hardware specifications of the printer. It is necessary for effective functioning and enhances the performance of the printer. Each printer has a unique driver that vary depending upon the type of operating system used and do proper HP Deskjet 3722 driver download. If the driver is not installed, it may lead to issues in the printer in mac.

HP Deskjet 3722 Mac Driver

  • Choose the Apple menu & select System Preferences.
  • Select Print and Fax.
  • Check if the name of the printer displays in the Printers list. If the printer is listed, remove and readd the printer to confirm it and the correct driver is used.
  • Select the name of the printer, choose the – sign, and delete the printer. Once the printer is removed, select the + sign, choose the name of the printer.
  • Select the Print Using box, choose the name of the printer in the pop-up menu.
  • Choose Add to add the printer to the list.

How To Install HP Deskjet 3722 Driver

  • Make sure whether the CD-ROM is present in the shipment box for driver installation.
  • Make sure that the PC or laptop has a disc drive in it. The recently launched Mac devices do not have a disc drive.
  • Copy the contents of the CD-ROM in to the USB drive.
  • Place the installation CD or the USB into the drive.
  • Observe if a set of files appear. The setup format is .dmg for Mac. The procedure for saving windows is .exe.
  • Wait till the download completes and do not turn off your PC while the download is in HP Deskjet 3722 driver download progress.
  • Click I Agree Begin Download to save the file on your computer.
  • Double-click on the setup file and click Next on the welcome screen.
  • Select your place of residence and choose Next.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of License Agreement
  • reen. Click the connection type, view your printer’s name in the print queue. Print a test page and the installation process in HP Deskjet 3722 gets installed successfully.