Connect To An Existing Network

Your smartphone or computer is already connected to a wireless network, and you’re looking to connect the printer to the same network. Then, you’re in the right section. Connecting the HP DeskJet 4133e printer to an existing wireless network is a piece of cake. But you have to ensure that the printer is in AWS (Auto Wireless Setup) mode. If this mode is disabled, enable it and then perform the wireless setup. You will read more about these things in the detailed section below. So go ahead and read the section below.

Enable Auto Wireless Connect – HP Printer

Is the wireless button on? If yes, the printer is in automatic wireless setup mode. If the light is off, no problem.

  • You can enable it in three seconds.
  • Ensure that the printer’s power light is stable.
  • Now, press the printer’s Cancel and Wi-Fi buttons for three seconds.
  • As soon as you release the buttons, the Wi-Fi button blinks blue. Can you see it? Yes, great!

The Auto Wireless Setup mode is enabled on your printer. Now, you can connect it to an existing network within a few seconds.

    Enabling The Auto Wireless Setup Mode

Connect Your HP DeskJet 4133e To PC

  • Open the HP Smart app or the recommended full-featured setup driver on your computer or smartphone (that is connected to the wireless network).
  • Connect and set up the printer on your computer or smartphone by following the app or driver installer screen instructions.
    Connect HP Deskjet 4133e To PC

Voila! The HP DeskJet 4133e printer is now connected to the wireless network, and you can start printing right away.

Connect HP Printer To New Wi-Fi

Get ready to connect your HP DeskJet 4133e printer to a brand-new wireless network! Before diving into the setup process, let’s ensure that your router and printer are ready for the task.

First Things First

  • Before you start, ensure that your router has a built-in WPS button.
  • Reset the pre-configured wireless network settings using the printer control panel.
  • If you aren’t able to reset the network settings, contact us. Else, reset the printer to factory defaults. But remember that you should complete the basic setup after resetting your printer settings to factory default values. To learn the setup instructions, click here.
  • Next, prepare your printer for the new wireless connection and start with the WPS push button configuration.

Enabling The WPS Push Button Method

  • Turn on the WPS push-button method on your printer.
  • You can do it in a few seconds.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your printer for three seconds.
  • That’s it. The WPS PSU Button Method must be enabled on your printer.
  • Now, go to your router and press its WPS button.
  • If you see the Wi-Fi button on your printer blinking, that means it’s trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Once the printer is connected, the light will turn a steady blue.
    Connect HP Deskjet 4133e To Wifi

Completing The Wi-Fi Setup

  • You are at the final step of the HP DeskJet 4133e wireless setup.
  • Connect your computer or smartphone (to which you want to connect the printer) to the same network.
  • Complete the rest of the Wi-Fi setup using the HP Smart app or the recommended printer software.
    Completing The Wi-fi Setup

And that’s it! Your HP DeskJet 4133e printer is now connected to a new wireless network.

Is Your Printer Ready For Wireless Communication? Great!

In conclusion, connecting your HP DeskJet 4133e printer to a wireless network is a simple process to perform. Whether you choose to use an existing or new network, the steps are easy to follow and will have your printer up and running in no time. If you encounter any issues along the way, feel free to contact us. Happy printing!