hp envy 5640 not printing

  • The condition HP Envy 5640 not printing can happen because of many reasons.
  • The reasons can be when the paper is jammed, the carriage is jammed, problems with the photo tray, etc.
  • Clear any jammed paper from your printer.
  • Check the output tray, input tray, paper path, and the ink cartridge access area.
  • Check if the carriage is stuck inside the printer.
  • If you find the carriage stuck on the right side of the printer, move it to the left side.
  • If you see that the print carriage is stuck on the left side or middle of the printer, shift it to the right side of the printer.
  • Check if the printer is working now.
  • Reset the printer if the error persists.
  • If nothing helps, service your printer and then check if the HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting issue is solved.
hp envy 5640 troubleshooting

HP Envy 5640 not printing in colour

  • Reinstall the printer driver on your Windows computer if the HP Envy 5640 not printing in colour.
  • Remove your printer from the Devices list.
  • Now, go to the manufacturer’s website and install the most recent printer driver.
  • Use genuine ink cartridges in your printer.
  • Use the method of automatic servicing to resolve print problems like poor black texts, smudges printed texts, etc.
  • If you cannot wait for the automatic servicing session to complete, you can try cleaning the ink cartridges.
  • Try cleaning the printhead because it uses more ink in comparison to the automatic servicing routine.
  • Load plain A4 size paper into the main input tray. Open the control panel of your printer and click Setup. On the Setup screen, touch Printer Maintenance.
  • Choose Clean Cartridges and wait for the Print Quality Diagnostic report to print.
  • Check the quality of the report. If it is acceptable, there is no need to continue HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting. If it isn’t, clean the cartridges again.

HP Envy 5640 printer error

  • The HP Envy 5640 printer error can arise because of driver issues, connectivity issues, ink cartridges issue, etc.
  • Restart your printer as the first step to solve this issue using HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting. Tap the Power button to turn off your printer.
  • Unplug your electrical cord from the printer and the wireless router. Switch off your computer.
  • Halt for 30 seconds and then connect the electrical cable to the router again. Do not proceed for 30 seconds, or at least until the router is ready.
  • Switch on your computer and wait for it to reload. Connect the electrical cord to the printer again and power it on.
  • Get a print out of a Print Quality Diagnostic Page on your Windows (7, 8, 10, Vista). Keep the appropriate paper to start printing it.
  • If the printer is off, turn it on. Open the HP folder on your computer, tap the folder of your printer, and choose the name of your printer.
  • Wait as the HP Printer Assistant window opens. On the HP Printer Assistant screen, tap Maintain your Printer.
  • Tap the Device Reports tab and select Print Diagnostic Information(). Check the reason for the problem and fix the issue with the required HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting steps.
  • Try, uninstalling the printer driver and then install the most recent printer driver on your Windows computer.

HP Envy 5640 firmware update

  • The HP Envy 5640 firmware update is a process which needs to be done to get advanced features and fixes of the problems occurring on the printer.
  • Carry out the HP Envy 5640 firmware update directly from your printer
  • You can also download the firmware updates from the manufacturer’s site or install the updates through the HP Smart app.
  • To do the firmware update using your printer, go to the printer update feature.
  • Touch the HP ePrint icon on your printer’s control panel.
  • Press Settings or Setup and then tap the Product Update or Check Product Updates option.
  • In case you are prompted to accept the terms of service, go with the onscreen instructions to enable Web Services and set up automatic updates.
  • Doing this step sets up your printer’s internet connection so it can receive updates.
  • Check if the printer turns on automatically.
  • If it doesn’t, tap Check for Updates or an alike option to begin the update process.

HP Envy 5640 keeps going offline

  • The HP Envy 5640 keeps going offline when your printer is unable to get ready to communicate.
  • It will also go to an offline state when there is an issue with the printer’s power connection. The next HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting step is for both the operating systems.
  • Make sure the printer is ready. Check if the printer is on, and tap the Power button to wake it up from the sleep mode if applicable.
  • Ensure that the printer is properly set up. Turn the printer on, load suitable papers in the main input tray, and install appropriate ink cartridges.
  • Restart your printer and try to perform a print job. If the error persists, go through the steps given here to solve it.
  • Download and then install the HP Print and Scan Doctor application on your Windows computer. Launch the app and check if your printer is in the list.
  • In case your printer is not in the list, power it off and then switch it back on. Click Retry.
  • To solve the connection problems, go with the instructions in the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.
  • Tap the Yes option if you view a screen prompting you to enable the printer updates.
  • Click the Yes tab if you get a prompt to make your printer as the default one. Try to print now and then check if the issue is fixed by HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting.

HP Envy 5640 paper jam

  • The HP Envy 5640 paper jam error occurs when there is a paper stuck inside the printer.
  • The paper can be stuck inside the input tray, duplexer (if your printer supports), rear load tray, etc.
  • Pull the input tray and remove the loose paper from it.
  • Tap the Resume button which is present on the front of the printer.
  • Clear the stuck paper one by one. Ensure that you start this process from the middle of the input tray.
  • Check if there are any remaining paper bits in the tray.
  • If the paper jam is removed, ensure that the print carriage can move freely.
  • Try to remove the paper jam from the rear of the printer. Spot the tab on the back of your printer and move it to unlock it.
  • Take out the panel and pull out the paper which is stuck. Find and remove any extra remaining bits of paper.
  • Place the panel in its position again and close it for HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting.

HP Envy 5640 won’t connect

  • If your HP Envy 5640 won t connect, then perform a reset on your printer.
  • Turn on your printer if it is off by lightly pressing the Power button.
  • Do not proceed until your printer is not making any noise and not performing any activity.
  • With your printer powered on, remove the electrical cord from the rear of your printer.
  • Disconnect the electrical cable from the socket on the wall.
  • Do not proceed for another 60 seconds.
  • Replug the electrical plug into an outlet on the wall.
  • Remember to connect the electrical plug directly to a wall outlet and not to any surge protector. Plug in the electrical cord to the back of your printer.
  • Tap the Power button on your printer if it does not turn on automatically. The printer will undergo a period of warm-up.
  • Notice the lights flashing and the carriage moving. Do not proceed until the warm-up is over and the printer is silent before you continue to HP Envy 5640 troubleshooting.