How to resolve HP Envy 7640 not printing

  • Ensure that you are using the appropriate paper for printing. Check for the estimated ink levels and replace the low or empty ink cartridges with the new one.
  • Check for the print settings in Windows by selecting File in the software application and then choose Print. The Print window opens and opens the Properties dialog box. And, depending on the print job, modify the paper type, print quality, paper size, etc.
  • After selecting the print settings, choose OK to apply the settings and then choose Print.
  • Clean the area around the ink nozzles by gathering lint-free cloth, dry foam rubber swabs, or any other soft material.
  • Hold the handle on the sides of the printer. Then, raise the cartridge access door until it locks into place. And, the cartridge moves to the center of the printer.
  • Wait till the cartridge is idle and silent before you continue. Take off the power cord from the rear of the printer. Lift the lid on the cartridge slot to release the ink cartridge. Then, gently push the lid back till it stops to fix HP Envy 7640 not printing.
  • Pull up the ink cartridge to remove from the slot. Hold the ink cartridge by its sides. Lightly moisten a lint-free cloth or foam-rubber swab with distilled water.
  • Then, squeeze any excess water from it. Gently clean the face and edges around the ink nozzle in the swab. Leave the cartridge to sit for 10 minutes to allow the cleaned area to dry or use a new swab to dry it.
  • Hold the ink cartridge by the sides with the nozzles towards the printer.
  • Slide the ink cartridge forward in the slot. Then, close the lid on the cartridge to secure the cartridge into its place. And, close the cartridge access door.

Quick steps to solve HP Envy 7640 does not print color

To fix HP Envy 7640 not printing, search Windows for Devices and Printers. Right-click the printer & select Printing Preferences from the drop-down list. Choose the printer again and select Paper/Quality tab, depending on the software. Select Advanced and check whether Print in Grayscale is marked as tick. Remove the checkmark from the Grayscale. Click OK.

HP Envy 7640 printing envelopes

Place envelopes into the input tray. Choose Wordpad by searching in Windows. Choose your envelope from the Size menu, click Landscape and select OK. Type the address. Align and center the text by using the formatting tools on the Home tab. Click Print -> Print Preview to ensure that the address is correctly centered and sized. Choose Print also fix HP Envy 7640 not printing issue.

How to print on photo paper HP Envy 7640

Remove the paper from the main paper tray. Place the photo paper into the tray. Adjust the paper width guides so that they rest at the paper edges. You can also edit the photo to improve color, brightness, contrast and other settings. Right-click on the photo, click Open With and choose Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.Select File and then choose Print. The Print window opens with general settings. Open the Document Properties window for accessing more print settings. Browse and select the print settings for photos in the Document Properties window. You can change the color and quality settings for best results. Select OK -> Print also fix HP Envy 7640 not printing issue.

How to print double sided on HP Envy 7640

Place blank paper into the input tray. Open the document, select File -> Print. Choose your printer and then select Printer Properties. View the Print on Both Sides menu and select the binding option. Select OK -> Print. Remove the pages from the output tray. Keep the printed pages into the input tray accordingly.Select Continue -> Print and also fix HP Envy 7640 not printing issue.

HP Envy 7640 print from phone

  • Check and ensure that the printer is connected to the wired or wireless connection with an active internet connection.
  • In the android device, update or install Mopria Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store.
  • Once it gets completed, turn on the plugin.
  • If it is for the first time you have installed the plugin, swipe to the home screen to display the notification and find the Mopria Print Service installed.
  • Press the Tap to Enable plugin notification.
  • If you have updated the plugin, touch Settings, press More Settings and then touch Print.
  • Press Mopria Print Settings -> On.
  • And open the one you need to print, press the menu button and then touch Print.
  • The Preview screen appears and press the down arrow to choose the printer from the list.
  • Press the down arrow to change the print settings and touch the Print icon and also fix HP Envy 7640 not printing issue.