HP ENVY Inspire 7255e Unboxing Setup

If you have bought the new HP ENVY Inspire 7255e printer from the retail store, begin the setup process from unboxing. Similarly, if you’re setting up an already used printer, restore its settings to their defaults and begin the setup process from the “Configuring the initial settings” section.

Preparing The Printer

Unpack your new HP ENVY Inspire 7255e printer to prepare it for the setup process.

  • Remove the packing seal from the package and open the box.
  • Inside the box, you can find the HP ENVY Inspire 7255e printer, HP 64 Setup Black and Tri-color Instant Ink Ready Cartridges, Ink Caution flyer, regulatory flyer, setup guide, references guide, HP Advanced Glossy & Matte Photo Inbox pouch, and a power cord.
  • Take all the components and the printer out of the box.
  • Unpack the printer by removing all the packing tapes, cardboard pieces, and other unwanted materials from it.
  • Once the printer is unpacked, place it closer to an electrical outlet.

Configuring The Initial Settings

Switch on your printer and configure the initial settings on it.

  • Connect your HP ENVY printer directly to the electrical outlet using its power cord.
  • Now, your printer will turn on automatically.
  • Press the Power button on your printer’s control panel if it doesn’t turn on automatically.
  • Wait for the printer to become stable.
  • Once the printer is ready to use, the screen prompting you to choose the device language will open.
  • Select the language of your desire from the list of suggestions.
  • After doing that, tap Confirm to save it.
  • Similarly, set the initial settings by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Completing the “HP ENVY Inspire 7255e setup”

Use the HP Smart app to complete the rest of the HP ENVY Inspire 7255e setup.

  • Ensure that your printer is in the Easy Wireless Setup mode.
  • Connect your computer to a stable wireless network.
  • Open the HP Smart app installed on your computer.
  • Click Get Started and accept the license agreement on the opened screen.
  • Select your printer if its name and icon are displayed on the Choose a printer screen and perform the on-screen instructions to connect the printer to the wireless network.
  • If not, click Skip.
  • Click the Add a printer button on the opened screen.
  • Click Add Printer Button
  • Now, the Printers screen displaying the HP printers in setup mode and connected to the same network as your Windows or Mac computer will open.
  • Locate and click on your printer.
  • If your printer is not displayed on the Printers screen, click on the Set Up a New Printer command on the same screen.
  • Click On The Set Up A New Printer Command
  • Now, the Printer Setup screen displaying the new printer will open.
  • Select your printer and click on the Continue button on the opened screen.
  • Connect your printer to the network by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Once you have done this, a screen prompting you to load paper and install the ink cartridges will open.
  • Complete the hardware setup of the printer by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Finally, print, copy, or scan a test page to check whether the HP ENVY Inspire 7255e setup is done correctly.
  • If your printer performs the requested action successfully, it indicates that the setup is done correctly.
  • Otherwise, re-perform the setup process.

Contact our technical experts if you need further assistance in setting up the HP ENVY Inspire 7255e printer.