The Printer Is Unable To Print – Issue Solved Here!

Check the printer connection with the Internet. The printer will not work as expected if it is disconnected. It may be occasionally disconnected from the Internet due to a power outage, network, or router issues.The following are some of the methods you can use to get your HP LaserJet M234dwe printer up and running again.

Make Use Of Original HP Cartridges

  • Make sure that you use only original HP cartridges.
  • If duplicate or other brand cartridges are installed, the printer will not operate as expected.
  • Therefore, in case you have been using third-party cartridges, replace them at once.
  • Check the ink settings and the status of the printer.
  • For information about printer errors, try printing a summary of printer settings and status.

Check The Toner Cartridge

The actual cartridge life that remains may vary. Consider replacement when the print quality is no longer acceptable or if the printer cannot print.

The HP LaserJet M234dwe printing issues rise even if the print quality is no longer good. But you don’t have to replace your cartridge every time the problem pops up. Use the current cartridge to redistribute the toner. To do that, unlock the toner cartridge from the printer and gently move the cartridge back and forth.

Install the cartridge onto the printer and close the cover.

Check The Paper Tray For Jams

The HP LaserJet M234dwe not printing issues come up even if your printer does not pick up paper from the input tray. You can try these steps to eliminate such problems

  • Remove any jammed sheets from the printer.
  • Place the sheets with the correct size on the printer.
  • Ensure that the paper size and type are set appropriately.
  • Adjust the guides to the appropriate indentation on the tray.
  • Try cleaning the pickup rollers.
    Correct Size On The Printer


Hope you have learned the trouble shooting techniques for the HP LaserJet M234dwe not printing issues.If the above techniques doesn’t resolve the printing issue,don’t worry.We have your back covered. Contact our technical experts for real-time assistance.