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Get Your HP Printer Up and Running in No Time!

Ready and excited to set up your new HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer? Then, follow the instructions below along with us to make the setup even easier, faster, and simple.

  • Start by unpacking the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer if it is still packed.
  • The genuine HP black LaserJet toner cartridge is pre-installed on your printer.
  • However, it is packed. Take the toner cartridge out and gently shake the cartridge. This will help in distributing the toner inside.
  • Remove the orange clip and tab from the cartridge and packing materials left inside the printer.
  • Now, gently place the toner cartridge. Are you doing well? Great!
  • The printer’s input tray and the output tray extender come separately. Attach them and load the compatible paper type into the input tray.
  • Have you finished loading the paper? Then, it’s time to turn on the printer.
  • Configure the printer settings by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once you have done that, you can move on to the last and final step of the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw setup, which is installing the printer on your computer using the recommended software.

And there you go! You have successfully completed the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw setup, and your printer is all set for your printer-related needs.


In the upcoming section, you will read more about downloading and installing the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw driver. Continue reading this article to learn more.

Download Driver For HP LaserJet Pro M225dw

Downloading the right printer driver for an OS type is straightforward. You can download the latest and most compatible printer driver directly from your printer’s official support page. However, if you are new to printers or have never downloaded a printer driver from its official support page, it may appear daunting. That’s why we created this section: to make the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw setup driver download easier for you. You can download the latest printer driver for your OS type in no time by clicking the download button below.

Time To Install The Printer On A Computer

Have you downloaded the most compatible and latest HP LaserJet Pro M225dw driver for your Windows or Mac computer from this page? We believe you did. Now, let’s start installing the printer driver on your computer.

  • First, extract the downloaded printer driver file and open it.
  • Click Continue > Next to accept the license agreement and install the basic drivers.
  • Sometimes, you might be prompted to enter your computer’s admin password to install the drivers. So, if prompted, enter it.
  • Alright, now the Connection Options screen should have opened on the installation screen.
  • Select the connection type you prefer to connect your printer to the computer, and then click Next.
  • The installation wizard will assist you in connecting the printer to your computer using the selected connection type and completing the driver installation.
    Installing The Printer Driver

That’s it! We hope that you have installed the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw setup driver on your computer.

Access All the Information You Need with One Click!

Have you lost the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer manual? Are you searching for a soft copy of the manual on the Internet? Then, your search ends here. Click the Download button below to get it now.

HP Laserjet m1005 manual download

It is that fast!

HP LaserJet Pro M225dw Wireless Setup

Looking for a hassle-free way to print from anywhere within your network’s range? Look no further!

Connect To An Existing Network

To An Existing Network

Connect HP Printer To New Wi-Fi

To A New Network

Perform The USB Setup In A Snap

Do you want to set up your HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer for USB printing? Then, you have two options for doing it: Using a full-featured printer software package or a built-in driver. Many popular printer models come with built-in printer drivers, simplifying the setup process. Curious to know more? Read the instructions to learn all about it!

  • First, remove the printer from your computer’s printer list if you have already set it up over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now, connect the HP LaserJet printer to your Windows or Mac computer using the recommended USB cable.
  • Give your computer a few seconds to recognize the connected printer.
  • Once the computer recognizes your printer, it will automatically start installing the required printer drivers and setting it up.
  • After a while, open your computer’s Printers & Scanners screen. Here, check if your printer name is displayed. If yes, your printer is good to go.
    Perform The Usb Setup In A Snap

Print Smart With The HP Smart App

Are you always on the move and need to print from your smartphone or tablet? Look no further than the HP Smart app for your HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer. With just a few seconds, you can easily set up your Wi-Fi-enabled printer for mobile printing. Ready to get started? Here’s how!

  • First, connect your HP printer and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Need help setting up your printer for wireless communication? Then, read the wireless setup section above to learn more.
  • Next, install the HP Smart app from its built-in app store on your smartphone.
  • You are nearly finished with the mobile printing setup.
  • Now, open the HP Smart app. Perform the on-screen instructions to set up your printer on the app.
  • If prompted, enable the mobile printing feature.
  • And that’s it! The printer is ready for mobile printing.
  • Want to give it a try? Then, tap on the Print Photos or Print Documents tab and try to print a photo or document.
  • If the printer prints the requested photo or document, you have performed the mobile printing setup correctly.
    The Hp Smart App

By setting up your printer for mobile printing, you can initiate the print job from anywhere within the network range with a few tabs or clicks.

Printing A Document With Few Clicks

Discover the true printing potential of your HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer with just one simple step! By printing a test document, you can easily determine whether your printer is set up correctly and clearly understand its printing quality. Don’t know how to print a test document from your computer to the printer? Take it easy. We will help you! Follow our easy step-by-step instructions and find out just how amazing your printer can be.

  • First, open the document on your computer and edit it if necessary.
  • Now, open the Print dialog box using the keyboard shortcut or by clicking File > Print.
  • Ensure that your printer is selected in the Print dialog box.
  • Modify the default print settings if necessary, and then click Print.
  • Within a few seconds, you will hear a printing noise from your printer.
  • Can you hear it? Kudos! You have performed the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw set up correctly.
  • Sit back and wait for your printer to complete printing.
  • Once the printing is done, collect the printout from the printer’s output and check the quality.
    Printing A Document With Few Clicks

Scanning Made Easy

Welcome to the world of digitalization! These days, most people prefer managing their documents digitally rather than dealing with stacks of paper. Why? It’s straightforward—it’s more convenient, easier to use, and easier to transfer. Do you want to make the switch from paper to digital? Then, we’ve got some good news for you! You’re in luck if you own an HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer. With this printer, you can easily scan your important documents and save them as PDF or JPEG files to your computer or even email them straight from the printer’s control panel. We’re here to show you how to scan an original using your printer and Mac computer.

  • Initially, turn on your HP printer if it is off and place the original(s) you want to scan on the printer’s scanner glass or in the document feeder.
  • Next, open the HP Easy Scan software on your computer.
  • Select your printer from the scanner drop-down menu if necessary.
  • Similarly, select the scan type from the Presets drop-down menu.
  • Do you want to modify the default scan settings? Then, select Edit Settings from the Presets drop-down menu and complete them.
  • Finally, click the scan button. The printer will begin scanning the original(s) soon.
  • Once the scanning is done, you can see the previews of the scanned documents on the software screen.
  • You can save or share them directly, edit them, and then save or share them.
    Scanning Made Easy In Hp Printer

Copy Like a Pro with Our Simple Guide

Looking to create a copy or copies of an original with your HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer for the first time? Then, read the simple instructions below once before you start doing it to make the copy job even easier and simpler.

  • First, place the original you want to copy on the scanner glass.
  • Next, tap the Copy menu on the printer’s control panel.
  • Now, the Copy menu screen will open. Can you see it? Good.
  • Tap on the Settings button, then on Optimize, to change the default copy quality to your liking.
  • Have you finished with the settings? Then, tap the Start Copy button and watch the printer create copies of the original.
    Copy Like A Pro

HP LaserJet Pro M225dw Troubleshooting

Is your printer giving you trouble? Don’t panic. It’s totally normal!

HP Printer Showing Offline Fix It Ease

Printer Is Offline

Fix HP LaserJet MFP M234dwe Printing Problem Right Now

Printer Is Not Printing

HP Printer Scanner Not Working

Printer Is Not Scanning

HP DeskJet Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Printer Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Discover More About Your HP With Us!

You have reached the end of our HP LaserJet Pro M225dw setup article. We hope that you find this article informative and helpful in using your HP printer. Don’t worry if the information you’re looking for is not discussed here! You can discover more about your printer in real time by contacting us. Give us a call now to learn more.