To An Existing Network

Are you looking to connect your HP LaserJet printer to an existing wireless network? Then, look no further. Doing so is a piece of cake, and we are here to walk you through each step of the process. However, before we begin, make sure your printer is in setup mode. If not, restore your printer’s network settings to put it back in setup mode. Take it easy. You will read more about these things in the section below. So, are you reading? Let’s get started!

  • First, let’s restore your printer’s network settings. To do so, tap on the Wi-Fi icon on your printer’s control panel.
  • This will open the wireless menu screen. Here, select “Network Setup” or “Settings”> “Restore Network Settings,” and that’s it.
  • The printer’s network settings will be restored to default.
  • Now, open the printer software on the computer that is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Perform the instructions on the installation screen to connect your LaserJet Pro printer to an existing network.
    HP LaserJet Pro M225dw

It is that easy and simple.

To A New Network

If you’re looking to connect your HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer to a newly configured Wi-Fi network, you’re in the right place. In the previous section, we covered how to connect your printer to an existing network, but now we’ll go over the steps to connect it to a new one. Let’s get started!

  • Ensure that your HP LaserJet printer is on and placed closer to the wireless router that you’re using.
  • Now, tap on the Wi-Fi icon on your printer screen.
  • Go to the Wireless Menu and then to the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Give the printer a few seconds to detect your network.
  • The printer will detect your and other Wi-Fi networks available within its range.
  • As a result, make certain that you select the correct network from the list. Enter your Wi-Fi network’s password if prompted.
  • Once you see the “Connected” or similar message on the printer screen, pair your other computer to the same wireless network and run the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw setup driver on it.
  • Install the basic driver and choose the connection type as Wi-Fi.
  • The Network Check screen will open, displaying the printers connected to your Wi-Fi or within your Wi-Fi range.
  • Select your printer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on the computer.
  • The Network Check Screen Will Open

That’s it!

Learned How to Set Up your Printer for Wi-Fi Communication? Good!

We hope you learned how to connect your HP LaserJet Pro M225dw printer to a new or existing wireless network by reading the instructions above. Are you new to the Wi-Fi setup and struggling to connect your printer to Wi-Fi? We can understand your concern; that’s why we are here to help. Click the toll-free or chat button provided on this page to talk to an expert who can assist you throughout the HP LaserJet Pro M225dw Wi-Fi setup.