HP Officejet 2620 Not Printing – Three Simple Solutions

Try these quick workarounds to resolve this printer problem.

  • Restart the devices. This is the simplest but, at the same time, effective method to resolve the printer not printing and other minor printer-related problems. Restart your HP OfficeJet printer and the macOS device. Restart your wireless router if you have connected the printer to your computer over a wireless connection.
  • Reinstall the printer driver. Generally, after updating your computer OS, you must update or reinstall the printer driver (if you’re using a printer).
  • Failing to do so can also lead to these kinds of problems. So, check and update or reinstall the printer driver.
  • Resolve the communication issue. In some cases, the communication issue between the printer and your Mac computer can also be the reason behind these kinds of print-related problems. So, check to ensure that your HP printer and the computer are on the same network.

Is the suggestion above not resolving your printer problem? Or, is your HP OfficeJet 2620 printer not printing again? Then, this is the time to try the advanced method to resolve this printing issue.

HP Officejet 2620 Not Printing – After Updating My Macos Version 11.6.7

Use The Printers & Scanners Window

  • Open the Print & Scan, Printers & Scanners, or Print & Fax window on your Mac computer.
  • Here, check whether your HP OfficeJet 2620 printer is listed below the Printers list.
  • If yes, re-add your printer.
  • To do so, click on the Minus sign below the Printers list.
  • Click on the Delete Printer button in the confirmation dialog box if it appears.
  • Restart your computer if prompted.
  • After your Mac computer restarts, click on the Plus sign below the Printers list of the Printers and Scanners window to re-add the printer.
  • If not, add the printer manually.
  • Click on the Plus button.
  • The Add dialog box displaying the printers connected to/available within your Mac computer range will open.
  • Choose your HP printer. Select the AirPrint option from the Use drop-down menu and click Add.
  • Now, open the document on the application that supports the Print function.
  • Open the Print dialog box. Choose your HP OfficeJet printer if necessary.
  • Configure the print settings and click Print.
  • If the printer prints the selected document, it indicates that this printer-related problem is resolved.

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