Check whether your printer can scan

  • On a printer, the mechanisms of copying and scanning use the same hardware components. So, check whether your printer can scan the documents.
  • If your printer can scan the documents, proceed with the next solution. In case your printer cannot scan, it signifies an error with the hardware components of your printer. Keep reading this page to solve HP Officejet 4655 print but not copy issues.

  • In that case, you cannot do anything other than go for a printer service.

Print a quality diagnostics report

  • If you can scan the documents from your printer, it indicates no issue with your printer’s hardware components. So, you can fix this problem on your own without any technical assistance.
  • You may wonder why a printer that can print is not copying. The reason is your printer’s cartridge system.
  • When you send your documents to your printer from the computer, the former recognizes the documents as an image. Therefore, it uses a mixture of color ink to produce the same image.
  • But, when you copy your documents, you will choose a Black copy or Color copy. Whenever you select Black copy, the black ink will be used exclusively for copying the documents. In the same way, when you choose Color Copy, the color ink alone will be used. Most probably, you would end up with an issue while selecting the Black copy option.
  • So, you need to check whether your printer’s cartridge system is functioning correctly. To check it, you need to print a Quality Diagnostic Report from your printer.
  • Make sure that your HP OfficeJet 4655 printer is turned on and you have loaded enough paper into the paper tray. On your printer control panel, press and hold the * and # buttons for five seconds.
  • Press 127. Press the right arrow button on your printer, choose the Reports option, and press the OK button.
  • Press the left arrow button on your printer control panel, choose the vpp self test option, and press the OK button.
  • Now your printer will print the report. Review the report and identify the issue.
  • If the color and black colors are perfect in the report, it signifies the issue with your printer’s hardware components.
  • In case you find a missing color or black ink in the report, you need to fix the problem with your ink cartridges.

Fix your cartridge issues

  • Open the cartridge access door of your printer and remove the cartridges from their slots.
  • Clean the printheads with a damp cloth and reinsert the cartridges into their slots. Press each cartridge until it fixes in its place. Now check whether your copying issue is resolved.
  • If necessary, replace the problematic cartridges with new ones.
  • Now check whether your HP OfficeJet 4655 printer can copy the originals.

If your HP OfficeJet 4655 printer is still not copying your documents, contact us for expert assistance to solve HP Officejet 4655 print but not copy issues.