HP OJ Pro 8035e Printer Offline

The printer is not responding to your print request, and an offline message appears next to the printer name. If yes, this is not a new issue. It is faced and resolved by many out there. We can understand how frustrating it can be to face an issue with a printer. That’s why we have created this HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e troubleshooting article to help you bring your printer back online. Try the solutions one by one in the order below. After performing one solution, check the printer status.

If there is no offline message, your printer is good to go! If it isn’t, take it with a grain of salt and proceed to the next step in the troubleshooting process.

  • First, ensure that you have connected your HP OfficeJet printer to the computer over a wireless or wired connection.
  • Also, ensure that you have installed the latest printer driver on your computer.
  • Next, check if the “Use Printer Offline” or “Pause Printing” option is enabled on your printer. If yes, kindly deselect it and resume the print job.
  • Have you set your printer as the default on the computer? If not, do it now and check the printer status.
  • If the status shows offline again, use the diagnostic tool for HP (the offline version of HP Print and Scan Doctor) or the HP Smart app’s Diagnose & Fix feature to fix the issue that is putting the printer in offline mode.
  • In some cases, the issue may be related to a paper jam or low ink levels. Check the printer for any jams or low ink levels, and address these issues if necessary.
HP Printer offline issue

We hope that the solutions worked and that the printer is now online.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e Printer Not Printing

Are you having trouble with your HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer? Is it not printing when you need it to? Don’t worry; this issue can be easily fixed with a few simple steps. Here’s what you can do:

HP Printer Driver
  • The first step in resolving this print issue is to check your printer’s connection to your computer or mobile device. Ensure the OfficeJet Pro printer is on and connected to your computer.
  • Now, try to print. If your printer is still not printing, the next step is to check the ink levels and the input tray status because a low or empty ink cartridge and an empty tray can prevent the printer from printing.
  • So, check and reload or replace (if necessary) the input tray and the ink cartridges.
  • Sometimes, the print issue can be resolved by restarting the printer and the computer or mobile device. Give it a try now.
  • Check if the printer is printing now by sending a print job to it.
  • If not, the problem might be with the drivers. Ensure that the printer driver installed on your computer is up-to-date.
  • If all of the above steps have failed to resolve the issue, you can run the built-in printer troubleshooter or the diagnostic and fix tool (the online version of HP Print & Scan Doctor) to fix the print issue.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer’s print issue can be frustrating, but it can be easily resolved by following the above steps. None of the steps above work. Then, it’s best to contact our support team for further assistance.

HP OfficeJet Printer Not Scanning

Are you experiencing trouble with your HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer while trying to scan an original? It can be frustrating when you need to scan an important document, but your printer won’t cooperate. No worries! Fortunately, you have reached the right section that covers all possible workarounds that may help you fix the issue and make the printer scan again.

  • First, ensure that there is no communication issue between the printer and your computer.
  • Then check the scanning software. Verify if the scanning software is installed correctly on your device. If it is not installed or has been removed, then reinstall it.
  • If the scanning software is installed correctly, then the next step is to check if your printer driver is up-to-date. Download and install the latest printer driver if the existing one is outdated.
  • Now, try to scan an original with your printer.
  • If the scanning fails again, then it’s time to check the scanner glass because dirt, smudges, or fingerprints on the glass can cause scanning issues. Take a soft cloth and clean the scanner glass if you find dirty particles on the glass.
  • Now try to scan. If the scanning issue persists, use the HP Print and Scan Doctor too. This diagnostic tool can help you troubleshoot scanning issues. Do you need assistance getting started with the tool?
  • First, download the tool’s installer file from the HP website.
  • Then run it on your computer. Select your printer model and click “Fix Scanning” when prompted.
  • Follow the prompts to diagnose and fix any issues with your printer.
  • HP 8035e Printer Scan Issue

We are sure that the solutions above helped you fix the scan issue on your printer.

HP Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

You are trying to set up your HP printer for wireless communication, but it is not responding as you want. It happens most of the time. There are numerous reasons why the Wi-Fi connectivity issue occurs. The good news is that it can be resolved in no time. Try the simple workarounds below to fix it easily and quickly.

  • As the first step in troubleshooting, restart the printer and wireless router.
  • Now, try to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. If it doesn’t work, ensure that you’re using the recommended network type for the Wi-Fi setup.
  • Also, ensure that you have not connected your printer to the computer over a wired connection.
  • Outdated printer firmware and drivers can also cause these kinds of problems. So, update the driver and firmware and check if the issue persists.
  • If yes, the cause of the problem might be with the settings. Restore your printer’s network settings and restart the wireless router that you’re using.
  • Then, try to connect the printer to Wi-Fi.

This time, you will be able to connect your OfficeJet Pro to Wi-Fi. If you need help, contact us.

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