Update HP Printer Firmware From The Control Panel

Printers with ePrint button/icon :

  • Tap/press the ePrint icon/button and open the Settings menu. Select the Product Update option.
  • Accept the terms of the service. Enable the Web services and set up automatic updates like hp firmware by following the prompts.

From Manufacturer’s website :

  • Open the manufacturer’s site, select your printer model for HP printer firmware update and click Firmware to download it.
  • You can find the downloaded file in your Downloads folder. Run the files to install it.

How to Enabling Web Services For The Printer

The printer can have secure communication with your devices when the Web Services are turned on. Some of the web-connected services are ePrint, cloud printing, HP Instant Ink, etc.

Check if the printer is connected to a network and has an active Internet connection.

For printers with LCD :

  • Tap the HP ePrint icon on the control panel or open the Web Services menu directly by selecting the Web Services Setup option.
  • If the Web Services Summary screen or connected status displays, it indicates that the Web Services is already turned on.
  • Tap the Setup icon if you receive a prompt to turn on the Web Services. Press OK if you are prompted to HP printer firmware update.

For Printers with text-based control panel :

  • Obtain the printer’s IP address by printing a network configuration page. Open your browser on the computer and type the printer’s IP address in the search field.
  • Click the Web Services tab on the EWS page and then proceed with the instructions to turn on Web Services.

HP ePrint Services and Its Features

  • HP ePrint is a cloud-based service using which you can send print jobs to the printer from your device through an email. Getting the printer’s email address
  • Turn on the Web Services as in the above steps. Select the Print or Print Info option.
  • The control panel will display the email address and print an information page comprising the email address.
  • If you do not have a printer with LCD, print a network configuration page from the printer, find the printer’s IP address and then open the EWS page with it.
  • Select the Print Info option on the EWS page to get the printer’s email address.
hp eprint services

Simple Steps To Printing with HP ePrint

  • Open your email account and type the printer’s mail address in the To: field. Do not forget to give a subject for the mail.
  • Now attach a document to print and then click Send. The printer will receive and then print the document with successful HP printer firmware update.