Simple Guidelines To Fix HP Printer Offline Issue

This error displays when the printer loses its connectivity while performing an operation. Since the computer can no longer communicate with the printer, you cannot continue with your printing/scanning job. Refer to the HP printer troubleshooting instructions below to overcome such a situation.

Fix HP Printer Offline Issue For Windows users:

Using HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • HP Print and Scan Doctor is a tool developed by HP for diagnosing and fixing printer issues. It is supported only on the Windows OS.
  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool from the manufacturer’s website. After installing the tool, open it and click Start.
  • Select your printer for print quality issues from the list of devices. Do as instructed by the tool to resolve the issue.
  • If the printer continues to remain offline, continue with HP printer troubleshooting steps below.
hp print and scan doctor

Setting the printer as default printing source

Windows 10

  • Search for Devices on your Windows and then click the Printers and Scanners option. Deselect the Let Windows manage my default printer check box.
  • Click the printer name and then select Manage. Click the Set as default tab and then try to print. If the printer continues to remain offline, continue with the steps below.

Windows 8, 7

  • Search for Devices on your Windows and then open the Devices and Printers folder.
  • Give a right-click on the printer’s name and then select the Set as Default Printer option.
  • Try printing a test page to verify whether the issue is resolved.

For Mac users

Is printer in the ready state?

  • If the printer is in Off or Sleep mode, turn it on or wake it. Make sure the input tray is loaded with enough paper.
  • Restart the printer and once it is ready, try to print.

Reset the printing system

  • Resetting the printing system can help fix the issue and clear the HP printer troubleshooting error. Open the Apple menu on your system and open the System Preferences window.
  • Locate the Print and Fax, Print and Scan, or Printers and Scanners option whichever is displayed on your device and then open it.
  • Right-click anywhere inside the window and then click the Reset Printing System option. When the Confirmation window opens, click the Reset option.
  • Provide the Administrator name and password if prompted and confirm your choice by clicking OK.
  • Once the printing system resets, re-add the printer and try to print. If the printer remains unresolved, troubleshoot the connections.

How To Troubleshooting Connections Issue On HP Printers

  • If the printer is set up on a wireless connection, restart the computer, router, and printer.
  • Print a wireless report to check for any HP printer troubleshooting issue.

Clearing Print Quality issues

Some of the print quality issues that a printer encounters are discussed in the following section. The HP printer troubleshooting steps below will help you resolve the streaked or faded printouts, blurred/fuzzy text, ink smears/streaks issue. It is recommended to use only genuine ink cartridges as the third-party cartridges may cause the above-mentioned quality issues. Also, the print media should be compatible with the printer.

Reinstalling the HP printer driver

  • Open the Programs and Features window and then select the HP Printer name. Select the Uninstall or Yes option.
  • Click the Yes option on the User Account Control dialog box. Keep following the instructions until the software is uninstalled. Restart the computer.
  • Now the printer should be removed from Devices list. Open the Devices and Printers folder and then click the Device Manager option.
  • Go to the Printers section, right-click the printer’s name and then click Remove Device. Remove all the icons for your printer.
  • Download the driver or use the installation disc to reinstall the driver. Try to print to verify if the HP printer troubleshooting issue has been fixed.
reinstall hp printer driver

Check the estimated ink level in HP printer

Windows :
  • Open the HP Printer Assistant window and then select the Maintain Your Printer option.
  • Click the Devices and Printers tab and then select the Estimated Ink Levels option.
  • Select the Devices Services tab and then click the Estimated Ink Levels option. Identify the cartridges that are low on ink and replace them.
Mac :
  • Open the Print and Fax, Print and Scan, or Printers and Scanner folder on your Mac OS and then select the printer’s name.
  • Open the Print Queue and select Printer Setup.
  • Open the Printer Utility window and then click the Supplies Status to view the ink level. If you find any cartridge with low ink, replace it.

Print and Examine Print Quality Diagnostic Page

Windows :
  • Open the Printer Assistant window and then select the Maintain Your Printer option.
  • Select the Print Diagnostic Information page under the Devices Reports section.
Mac :
  • Open the System Preferences window and select the Printers and Scanners option.
  • Click the printer’s name and then select the Open Print Queue option. Select the Print Quality Diagnostic option in the Printer Utility window.
  • Check the color blocks on the page. If there are any faded/white lines or fuzzy/blurred images, replace the cartridges.
clean hp ink cartridge

Simple Steps to Cleaning the Ink Cartridges

  • Quality issues may also occur due to dust or dirt buildup on the cartridges. In such cases, the cartridge can be cleaned manually using a cotton swab.
  • Remove the ink cartridges from the printer and place them on a clean paper towel.
  • Wet a cotton swab and squeeze out excess water. Clean the face and the area around the ink nozzle.
  • Once the cartridges are dry, re-insert them.

HP Printer Troubleshooting: No response from the printer

How to Resetting the printer

  • Power up the printer if it is turned off.
  • Remove the power cable from the rear of the printer and then from the wall outlet.
  • Plug the cable into the wall outlet after about 60 seconds, and then reconnect it to the printer.
  • If the printer does not power up on its own, turn it on manually.

Steps to Checking the Network Status

  • Check the network signal strength if the printer is connected to a wireless network.
  • If it is low, move the computer and printer closer to the router.
  • If you have used an Ethernet cable, make sure the connections are secure. If HP printer troubleshooting issue persists, try the steps below.

Updating the printer firmware

Find the most recent version of the firmware for your printer model on the manufacturer’s website and install it on your device. For: HP Printer Firmware Update

HP Printer Troubleshooting for Paper Jam Issue

When torn paper bits get stuck inside the printer, it may cause a jam, and the printer may stop printing. The jam may occur in carriage access area, input tray, ADF, etc.

How to Removing paper jam from HP printer trays :

  • Carry out the steps given below to resolve the issue.
  • Pull the input tray out and clear any jammed paper bits and HP printer troubleshooting.