Resolving The Scan Problem On Your HP Printer – Complete Guide

First, let’s see why you are unable to scan a document and save its copy to your computer with the HP printer. After that, we can see how to resolve the scan to email problem.

Unable To Scan To A Computer With My HP Printer – Four Fixes To Try

Well, you might encounter this issue due to numerous reasons, such as:

  • Using an outdated printer driver
  • Disabled Scan to Computer
  • Communication Issue
  • Incorrect Scan Settings, etc.

Now, let’s see how to resolve your HP printer’s scan to computer problem.

Resolve The Communication Issue

  • Check if your HP printer and the computer (that you’re using) are connected to the same network because the communication issue can also lead to these kinds of scan problems.
  • If not, connect them (printer and computer) to the same network.
  • Temporarily disable the firewall feature or the security settings if you have enabled it and you’ve used the wireless connection to connect your printer to the computer.

Update The Printer Driver

  • Using the right and the most compatible printer driver is paramount. When you use the wrong or incompatible driver, you may end up facing these kinds of printer-related issues.
  • So, check if your printer driver is up-to-date. If not, update or reinstall the printer driver.
  • Also, ensure that your computer OS is up-to-date.

Enable Scan To Computer

  • Even if your printer allows you to scan a document and save it to your computer, you must ensure that the ‘Scan to Computer’ feature is enabled on the printer before the scan operation begins.
  • This feature automatically turns on when you connect your printer to the computer using the USB cable. If your connection type is wired or wireless, you must manually enable it.
For Windows
  • Open the HP printer software installed on your computer. Go to Print, Scan & Fax > Scan.
  • Click on the ‘Manage Scan to…’ option. Now, the screen titled Scan to Computer is disabled will open if the ‘scan to computer’ feature is disabled on your printer.
  • Click on the Enable button.
For Mac
  • Open HP Utility. Click Scan > Scan to Computer.
  • Click the checkbox beside Enable Scan to Computer.

Configure The Scan Settings Correctly

In some cases, misconfigured scan settings might also lead to these kinds of scanning issues.So, check if the scan settings are configured correctly. If not, reconfigure them correctly and try to scan the document.

Unable To Scan To An Email

Are you unable to ‘scan to email’ or receiving the ‘printer was unable to connect to the server’ message? If yes, try the simple solutions given in the order below to resolve it.

Hard Reset The Printer

  • Ensure that your HP printer (with which you’re encountering the scan problem) is turned on.
  • Next, unplug the power cord from the machine. Ensure to do this while the machine is still turned on.
  • If you have connected your printer to computer using the USB cable, disconnect it.
  • Leave the printer to cool down for a maximum of two to three minutes. After that, reconnect the power cord and cable and turn on your printer.
  • Try to scan and save or send a document to an email address. If the problem persists, try the next solution.

Update the printer firmware

  • Not only the incompatible printer driver, but sometimes outdated firmware can also lead to these kinds of problems.
  • Check your printer firmware version. If you’re using an older or incompatible version, update it. (Contact us to learn more about the same).

Assign Ip Address And A Public Dns

  • The server problem can occur due to using a wrong IP or DNS address.
  • Assign a public DNS address and the correct IP address on your printer.
  • To do so, go to the HP printer’s EWS page. Click on Network. Go to Wireless and click IPv4 Configuration. Choose the Manual IP option and enter the IP address in the given fields.
  • Similarly, choose Manual DNS Server and enter the DNS server address in the given fields and click Apply.
  • Restart your HP printer, computer, and router.

Now, try to scan the document and save it as an email attachment or send it to an email address.


Did this article help you in resolving the ‘scan to computer’ or ‘scan to email’ problem with your HP printer? In case you need real-time assistance in resolving the same, make use of the call option on this page to contact our technical experts.