How to set up the printer on a wireless network using the HP Wireless Printer Setup Wizard

  • This is a manual network setup performed from the printer’s control panel.
  • In order to access the printer, your computer must be connected to the network to which you want to connect the printer.
  • Before proceeding with the setup, note down your network SSID and WEP Key or WPA security passphrase.
  • If you have a touch screen control panel, tap the wireless icon on the control panel. If your printer has a text-based control panel, locate and press the Wireless button.
  • You can find HP Wireless Printer Setup Wizard under the Settings menu. Once you select it, the printer will begin its search for the available networks and display a list of them.
  • Check if the list contains your network name. Use the Enter New Network Name option to add your network manually if it is not displayed.
  • Provide the WEP/WPA Key if prompted and respond appropriately to the prompts displayed on the screen. Once the printer connects to the network, proceed with the installation of the driver.
  • You can either use the installation CD or download the driver. Make sure to select the wireless connection type during the installation. Keep following the instructions of the installer until the setup is complete.
hp wireless printer setup

How to set up the printer on a wireless network using the WPS method

This method can be performed by the Push Button or PIN method. You should have a router featuring a WPS button for carrying out the Push Button method.

Push Button method :

  • Open the Wireless menu on the printer’s control panel and select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.
  • Select the Push button option.
  • Now go to your router and hold its WPS button for at least 3 seconds. The printer will detect the network and connect to it.

PIN method :

  • The procedure is similar to the Push button method, except, here a PIN is used for the connection.
  • Open the Wireless menu on the control panel and select HP Wireless Printer Setup Wizard, as in above steps. Now choose the PIN option. The printer will display the WPS PIN.
  • Open the configuration utility of your router and enter the PIN in it. Wait for 2 minutes while the printer connects to the network.

How to set up the printer on a wireless network using HP Auto Wireless Connect

HP Auto Wireless Connect
  • The HP Auto Wireless Connect is an automated technology that can connect the printer to a wireless network without the need for network settings or cables.
  • Not all HP printers support the Auto Wireless Connect, so check if your printer has the capability before proceeding with the steps.
  • The procedure is simple. Install the printer software on your computer and follow the instructions appearing on the screen.
  • Select the Network connection type when prompted and then select the “Yes, send my HP Wireless Printer Setup to the printer (recommended)” option. The software will complete the setup on its own.

How to use the Wi-Fi Direct feature

setup hp wifi direct

Wi-Fi Direct a feature developed by HP that enables the printer to connect to any Wi-Fi-enabled device without the need for a router or accessing point.

  • Look for the WiFi Direct option on your control panel and enable it. Turn on the Wi-Fi radio on your device and select the printer’s name beginning with the word DIRECT.
  • Provide the password when prompted while connecting from your device. If you are using a computer, switch to the HP Wireless Printer Setup connection type on the printer software. If you are using a mobile, then you will need to install the most recent HP printer plug-in application.