why won't my hp officejet 4650 print in color

Main Solutions To Fix The Not Printing In Color

  • Check if the ink level is very low.
  • Replace the cartridges that are empty or very low on ink.
  • Do not refill the ink cartridges.
  • Clean the cartridge contacts using a dry cloth.
  • Change the print settings to grayscale for some time.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.
  • Ensure that the ink cartridge is in proper working condition.
  • Remove and inspect the ink cartridges. Clear any protective tapes on the ink cartridges.
  • Reset the printing system to sort out the color printing issue.
  • Modify the print settings on your printer as per your print job.

Detailed Solutions To Fix The Printer Not Printing In Color Issue

  • Ink cartridges are the necessary components of a printer. It is available in black and color or tri-color. If the color cartridge does not print properly, find out why won’t my HP Officejet 4650 print in color, and it is essential to check the ink level. Verify the ink level from the printer’s control panel. If it is low, load a new ink cartridge into the printhead holder.
  • Refilling may deteriorate the print quality. In case the ink is not refilled properly into its chamber, the ink flow from the nozzles to the printhead may be disrupted. So, it is highly recommended that you don’t refill the cartridges.
  • Most of us may not open the ink cartridge access door or touch the printheads unless the change the ink cartridge needs to be replaced or some maintenance action is to be performed. So, these parts may get accumulated with dust or debris. Cleaning them using a damp cloth helps to sort out the issue.
  • When the driver is not installed properly, an issue throws during the printing process. It can also be the reason for why won’t my HP Officejet 4650 print in color. Uninstall the printer driver from the system. Ensure that all the driver files have been deleted. Install a compatible driver to fix the issue.
  • When you purchase a printer, you need to check the details of the accessories too. The ink cartridge that comes with the printer has a warranty period. If it expires, it shows up multiple issues. Replacing them is the best solution.
  • If you have kept your Officejet printer unused for a long time, clogs may develop in the nozzles of the print head which hinder the ink flow. Clear the ink clogs by running a cleaning cycle. After ensuring that the cartridge functions well, re-insert the ink cartridge into the holder.
  • While printing a document or photo, we modify print settings in the Print Dialog box. Check if the cartridge color Type in the dialog box is the same as in the Driver Settings. Any variation in the settings may lead to this issue. So, ensure that the Print settings are proper.
  • When you install the ink cartridge for the first time, you will find a protective tape on it. Clear all the tapes from the cartridge before its installation. If you miss out to do so, an error may pop-up. Make sure to insert the cartridges into the correct slots.
  • If the above steps did not help to resolve the problem of why won’t my HP Officejet 4650 print in color, then reset the printer. Initially, check if the printer is in the active state. Unplug the power cord and other cables connected to it. Wait for a few seconds and then reconnect it. This will help in clearing any error displayed on the control panel.